Youth: Today & Tomorrow.

There is always a tendency among the elders of society to find fault with the youth in anything and everything today’s youth is into. Though, I don’t subscribe to this line of thought, I too many times – especially when we go through the news involving youth – sit back and analyse; is there some truth in what the elders perceive of the youth??


The moral values that were believed to be the foundation stone for every individual is declining steadfastly – if one can say so. Either today’s youth (exceptions please excuse-it is not about them) fail to understand that there is deep relationship between youth and moral Values or they do not consider the old values fit for today’s cultural scenario or they are not taught about the value of these Values from the early days it self.


If youths adopt mainstays of moral values (if not all) and lead their life in line with it, they can turn out more responsible than they actually are today to perform their duty. They have an added advantage as compared to their earlier generation and that is (i) “Information” at their fingertips (ii) the world on their fingertips (iii) and better and competitive education on a comparative note. With the above advantages, the youth should be conquering more and more than becoming a subject matter to discuss in every forum related youth or new generation.

We can subscribe many reasons for being anxious about the future generation. The reasons dominating the list, to my understanding, seems to be the nuclear family concept where majority of the children is deprived of the small talks, small stories, lack of proximity of senior members of the family etc.. They are deprived of “Gurus’” of substance (exceptions may please excuse). Education system on the whole has been made percentage oriented. How you score the percentage becomes secondary as long you bring laurels to the institution by contributing in terms of percentages.


Moral values has to descend to the youth from early days from the parents / grant parents first and as he / she grows the society adds to it and then comes the Gurus. None of these contributing elements can wash their hands off from a deteriorating scenario of “Youth and Moral values”. And the youth has to realise that there is great expectation from them for their families, society and the nation on whole. And anything without the strong foundation of Moral Values cannot stand the test of the emerging world.

Won’t you agree that awaking moral values in youth can greatly influence the menace today the country on the whole is facing? Black marketing, adulteration, cheating, fraud and manipulation, hoarding and many other things which I don’t want to mention here. Decades back Swami Vivekananda had struggled to awake moral values in youth. He said always, awake, arise and not stop till goal is achieved. Today that call is proving all the more relevant. Today’s seminar on the subject is the solid proof that “yes, it is all the more relevant in today’s world”.


Before I conclude, there can’t be anything more helpful to one’s self than realization from within and self analytical capacities to rejuvenate the moral values that are already embedded in each of us.


Before we close our eyes in the night every day if we are successful in asking 3 questions to ourselves (introspection) (a) could I be of any help to any one person / any one cause / or any such thing that has societal impact (b) anything I need to store and put into practice from whatever I saw or listened today and lastly (c) could I inspire or motivate even one person today. If any one answer is “Yes” then you made it……

Rtn. Madhu K. Nair

4th October 2012.

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