You and the society…2

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Pick the paper in the morning and there you are with disgusting / nauseating news spread all over. Switch on the TV and invariably you will bump on to a few Alsatian like human beings sitting barking at each other the crux of which the viewer will not understand at all. In between one will get to see few visuals of some gory incident of the day. Then we all talk about the deteriorating values of the society, where is the country and the people leading to etc. etc…. but how many of us have the time and patience to spend time in preparing the ground for an acceptable futuristic society.

As parents do we monitor our wards’ lives to the extent possible? I personally is of a considered opinion that the parents, elders from the extended family, well wishers all have a big role in moulding the kids and teenagers to a well formed citizen.

As parents and even as members of civil society, one should not look the other way when they see teens indulging in any kind of unlawful acts. Concerted efforts by all sections of society are needed to steer the youth towards the right path in view of the growing violence, rude behaviour, indulgence in many other unacceptable activities etc.

Newfound love for various electronic and communication gadgets is ok to keep pace with the time and spirits. But excessive use of them can lead to many other related problems, which can be controlled to a reasonable extent by peeping over the shoulders once in a way.

Parents from the higher strata of the society should carry more responsibility for the society by not spoiling their kids with expensive gadgets. All the more good will be to imbibe in them the spirit of giving to the less fortunate members of the lower classes. This aspect is very important as many of the offences begin with social disparities i.e. one section showing brute arrogance with their riches while the others are just bystanders who can’t afford 2 square meals a day.

Some provision of counseling and grooming for all kids should be there in the schools. Because many of the habits germinate in the schools where the young minds find lot of new friends from various levels of the society as well as from different economic backgrounds.

It is high time one and all who crave for a peaceful and civilized society has to pull their socks and get to action in whatever little way possible by each of them to arrest a possible drift in the societal values..

Rtn. Madhu K. Nair [April 23rd 2011]

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