You and the Road….

Very mention of rules makes some people – especially young ones – rebel; but traffic safety rules can be ignored at one’s own peril. The worse, the violators might end up harming not just themselves but other persons who abide the rules as well. A careful driver might be observing every rule under the book but if the driver behind him or the one coming from the front didn’t bother with traffic niceties? Well … !!!

If you were among the millions who drive to school / colleges / work every day, you would probably agree with the situation. With traffic congestion getting worse year after year due to constant growth in vehicle sale, all kinds of people throng the roads and your daily slog could easily put your life at risk. Driving under these circumstances are stressful and cool-headed commuting is essential to safeguard precious lives on the road. Especially in view of the ghastly accidents one gets to read and see involving those in the teens.

Following or not following traffic safety rules often makes the difference between life and death. Death is a one-time punishment for one’s careless driving; but what about permanent disablements? Driving this message to everyone and especially the youth is the duty of elders – more importantly of the parents. If you are alert and cautious while driving you can live to see another day. One should exercise tolerance and respect not only the road rules but also other commuters’ rights on the same road. Speed might thrill but it kills more often.

In the early days I too was told by my elders “Driving is a test of concentration, anticipation and action”. If any one of these three fail there is little chance one may see another day.

Don’t drive if you are drunk or are feeling sleepy. Don’t get lost in the music or mobile in your vehicle. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you as you could collide if the other drivers apply sudden brakes. Practice lane driving because criss-cross driving too invite trouble for one’s self as well as other drivers on the road.

Rtn. Madhu K. Nair  [28th Sep. 2011]

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