Why I hate the Inter National Congress Legacy….

For me, it is very difficult to digest Gandhi as a Mahatma. I don’t think it is because he is really not a Mahatma; but because he forced characterless, not so noble, Pandit by no means, petty politician by name Jawaharlal on the 33 odd crores of Indian people. Gandhi misused the respect people of this country conferred on him by taking decisions that affected generations after generations. Here lies the irony.

Irrespective anyone think of this person called Jawaharlal, he is and will be definitely known as the first prime minister of independent India. This history cant be changed ever. So the annals of history will have this name etched. History of India, Freedom struggle in India etc, have been jotted by many eminent people; but what is taught to the young mind since decades is only those excerpts from those distorted, self-glorified history written by this man called Jawaharlal. I encountered some congress walas in my young age and used to pick debate on subjects as jotted above. Did we ever get to read even one cardinal mistake this fellow has committed with an impact that runs to decades in any of our text books? Why not? If you can glorify a persons for not doing things that they claim he has done; have the courage to admit the mistakes which were effectively done by him.

How many of you will ever reject a Nobel prize coming your way? Here is a PM (whom I still consider as the proxy of queen) who has taken a domestic fight to an international arbitrator. Added to that here is one PM (?) of a 300 odd million country who royally REJECTED the permanent membership of UN Security Council when it come on its own to India’s Lap. Is he not the same stupid who supported China – in spite of them screwing you royally in 1962 – for a Permanent Membership in UN. Is he even worth making a Patwari when you look at his short sightedness in running a country or there was (evidentally) vested interests that outweigh nationalism in his decisions. Is it not a fact that he upheld his so called peace loving country funda to reject the offer from JFK to enable India develop nuclear weapons and its carriers.

Now some major and perpetual pains inflicted by Jawaharlal which no Indian will ever forget…. I still don’t whether it was his love for beautiful women or the Abdullahs, which prompted him to give 43 out of 75 seats to Kashmir valley although Jammu had large population. Who on earth will concede to formulating states on what language they spoke? Is this not one of his most idiotic decisions was the division of states on linguistic basis which opened a whole can of worms. Ironically, the very state that initiated this linguistic demand – Andhra Pradesh – is now further dissected for what goddamn reason can anyone say? I would dare say the states should have been carved only and only looking at administrative convenience. This man dissected the people of the country itself horizontally, vertically and diagonally as many times as possible.

Don’t you feel like laughing at the reason he subscribed for not accepting the Nepal King’s wish to join the Union of India? I am still scratching in the dark to find that reason why at all the relations with other countries sour if Nepal was merged with India.

These are few of my reasons why I hate this fellow, his whole breed and their legacy. He never had INDIA’s interest in the forefront of any of his decisions – be it national or international. Yes, he did take care of the interests of all time friends like the Mountbattens or Abdullahs that were totally detrimental to the country’s interests.

And this underlines what I scribbled in the first Para.


Madhu K. Nair [08-11-1998]

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