Where are we as a country heading to…disintegration???


Patels in Gujarat (by the by one of the most affluent community since ages) want OBC status…Jats in Haryana/western UP also want OBC status…Gujjars of Rajasthan has been demanding the same for decades now. Now 22-year-old Patel is threatening to hit nationwide… Hundreds of crores state exchequer’s money has already been burnt or damaged otherwise with this unreasonable and unjustified demand. This is the state of affairs of “the world’s largest democracy”. And this winds the clock backwards to understand the impact of faulty policies, handled by characterless politicians,

If these reservations are meant for upliftment of weaker sections to certain levels so that they too stand to gain from the available opportunities, it should be properly evaluated and implemented. I have not read much about what the constitution offers every citizen, but I am sure equal opportunity and equal considerations must be the minimum what must have enshrined in our constitution written by intelligent, nationalistic forefathers.

Whereas, enabling every segment of the populace to compete each other and make them more efficient and knowledgeable citizens does mean real upliftment. Creating rift among the youth, communities and religions through unreasonable and undeserving reservations can never be called as progressive and pro poor politics. This can be only qualified as destructive and perilous decisions for the future of any “developing” country. Are we not witnessing major hurdles in the so-called equality only due to the reservation system?

Who will educate the current breed of politicians and their cronies that the reservation system in its prevailing mode only divides the society leading to discrimination and conflicts between different sections. Perhaps that is what the politicians want so that their business of politics will never hit recession as many other businesses do.

Similarly, we always hear about backward classes. I have been wondering since long what is this class and how is it defined. In whatever I have read so far, I could never find a proper definition of ‘Backward Class’. To me backward class only means those who cannot afford a decent civic life.

From the day a lad is put into school the forms will mention SC/ST /OBC or ‘General Category’. This system continues till he/she makes his reservation for the funeral. I still don’t know how can a ‘category’ decide whether a candidate is eligible for governmental support or not? If so, are our rulers saying that only because one is from the general ‘category’ one doesn’t deserve any concessions – even if he/she deserve on every other merit.

Any reservations should be purely made on the basis of the economical conditions of the needy/applicant and nothing else. Instead of introducing reservations for these backward classes what is required is to bring about serious and well-meaning changes in our education system at the grass-root level and prepare them for healthy competitions. When proper education is not provided to children belonging to such categories during the primary stage itself, on what basis are the reservations provided at a subsequent stage.

Whereas, you will find – all through past 7 decades of independence – every politician worth his salt and every political party (I heard there are more than a couple of thousand political parties in the country) use reservations in various sectors as their biggest Cheque in lieu of votes. And then shamelessly they will use every available platform to preach about the holiness of our constitution and their own greatness in safeguarding the voters. I don’t believe that these preachers are oblivious of the divide they are creating among every section of the society. Many times I feel they are deliberately pitching one community/caste against the other to keep their business model intact.

Just make a holistic assessment of the country’s educational system and infrastructure and that should be independent of political and politician’s gains. Rejuvenate the education system thoroughly so as to make it comparable with the “education” business institutions with extra support to the underprivileged to cope up with their fellow students. 10 years from now, no one will ever look for the pittance called reservations from the rulers.

Reservations are anti-thesis of development and equality. We don’t need reservations based on caste or religion. Instead we would want the government to provide aid to those who live with minimum or inadequate resources, which will be the only way to successfully remove caste discrimination. Have to also unite the economically rich together in helping the economically poor class irrespective of their castes.



I think it is high time that those not covered under reservations should now organise to blackmail the rulers; anyhow every other group is doing now.

Reservations on the basis of caste, creed or religion and not on the basis of economic condition are bad and should be totally unacceptable. It should be just and apply to only those people with worst conditions of living, having not even one square meal, no shelter under the sun and nothing to cover them up.

Process of reservation should be such that it can’t be decided in any manner whatsoever by the so called people’s representatives because it is the same people who brought the country to this stage with reservation after reservation. It should have multiple layers of checks and crosschecks to truthfully benefit the NEEDY only.



Madhu K. Nair [5th August, 2015]

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  1. dear friend, at this point of time I just started this blog to vent out my views in my own way. As such I have not invited or informed any of my friends even. I appreciate your suggestion and soon think on the lines.

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