Together we Sail….!!!

While on the subject, one should always keep it in the back of their mind that any achievement – can be great or greatest, dismal or absolute zero – is never to a single account. It is always collective or pulling together of capacities of many individuals who are capable of accomplishing certain part of such achievements. Look behind every successful individual – be it in sports or management or for that matter anything – you will certainly find a hand or hands of few individuals. ALONE, one can hit success partially and even that success cannot be sustained for long time; it will be short living.

Look alongside every successful person you will find few caring people giving support, encouragement and able assistance wherever needed. Similarly, looking beyond one’s self one should seek advise, help from people of greater knowledge, experience and wherewithal to move in one’s mission smoother and faster. This in no way cast a shadow on your image, capacity or personality; rather it adds to your personality when you hit success in the first go and keep that streak in everything you do. Seeking individual strengths from one’s circle through consultations, discussions and guidance in no way blur the image of any individual.

Looking beyond one’s own self to ask for help or accepting help is a norm of any faculty…though some people feels it could be risky or subduing self-ego. Interdependent thinking can’t go wrong every time. It may at times; but then ones capacity to analyse and implement is the key to achievement.

I have seen many people who, even while thinking of their own short-term or long-term gains, conveniently forgets that the other person too must be nurturing his or her own gains. Unless, you help them gain you are not going to gain. This is the fact. Gain need not be materialistic always; it can be knowledge, it can be stature and it can be materialistic too.

While we think of gain or growth, one has to put the collective interest in the fore-front, emphasise transparency in inter and intra communications, has to develop a quality of listening to individual opinions before reacting and finally one has to use some rationale while solving problems that are likely to crop up every now and then.

So, effectively the sailing has to be together and inclusive to attain individual as well as collective goals. Individual growth without collective growth can be always dangerous as well as short living.

Madhu K. Nair [17.03.2004]

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