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Thomson Reuters – the world’s largest news and (mis)information providers through their social arm TR Foundation conducts survey in India of its livability quotient and found that “India is among the most dangerous countries for women to live in”. This is only tip of the subversive activities done by many NGOs fathered and foster fathered by white-skinned rascals. Just see the audacity; in a country of 1.3+ billion where the women population alone is double or more than the total population of many advanced countries, these stupids took a sample survey of 548 and reached a conclusion. Probably TR Foundation might have sampled from convents in Kerala/India.  And there are Jaichands in this nation to debate this report on every Jaichand channels unashamedly distorting the reality to suit their narrative.

In short I would say, again this campaign should have been anticipated and checkmated from the day we got power. These should have been given priority in good governance. Because the tolerant group will not allow you to govern should have been anticipated well in advance.

As such, I am one among many who, firmly believe that all NGOs including the likes of NHRC should be thoroughly investigated of the people headinG these organizations, their antecedents  and their revenues/expenses. I am sure to find startling revelations. UNHRC and anything related UN has to be biased so the lesser said on them the better. NGOs used for subverting “The Bharat” are pre-dominantly funded by those who are “friends of India” through their various Front organisations/foundations.

Congressmen can neither assimilate the ideology of nationalism nor they can sit without power – direct or surruopteous. Remember there was a time where police verification for Govt jobs revolved around  “whether or not member of RSS”. Should we now replace RSS with Congress after seeing the open anti national activities of senior Congis..within and outside the country?

We should make the common man see the real Jaichands and modern day version of Jaichands in the form of John Dayals, Iyers, Salmans, Chopdas, Pranoys, Barkhas, Sardesais, Kanhaiyas, Khalids…. It is endless

Many times I think we should ignore these reports because they do it deliberately to provoke or creating a narrative against the rulers and thus get credence….

Madhu K Nair (Nagpur)

sent to the editor of “Organiser”

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