Things that occur in my idle mind….

We’re all in the same boat travelling towards a fixed destination. We just have different paddles, different pace and perhaps we find ourselves on different waters. We are all made of flesh, blood, bone, brains, hearts, and lungs to power us. Some are guided by certain amount of emotions and sentiments whereas there are some who take pride in saying or displaying that they are not guided by any such things. May be the tools we use to move through the situations vary with the environments—in which we find ourselves.


Some of us use our high IQs, which individually I don’t have, to get where we want to go. Some of us use our smiles; others use kindness, a gift with language, so on and so forth. Some of these qualities we were born with and others are learned or acquired at different stages and situations of life. Considering this truth if we try and analyse our destination and actions in light of our own life, it can be very self-educative. What tools are we using to get from one point to another in our life? We can find out that, we and the people we know have used different tools with different combinations throughout our lives to get where we needed to reach. It has to be a balanced approach and that is the only best approach. There can never be a second best approach as with the best approach you reach and without that you perish. If you rely too much on one method/ one style, you will fail to become a widely acceptable personality and you may eventually lose your equilibrium. At the end of the day it is only Credibility that brings people and organisations to you without that one will soon hit the ground.


Some of us may be moving along paths that are like turbulent waters; others may be on a large, still lake. We have all felt, at one time or another, as being tossed into very turbulent waters. While all such situations come and go, we are never really alone, even though it might seem that way. There is inspiration all around us in the form of other people making their way through the world and some other sinking; both in the very same waters.


Remember to look around for real-life role models, meaningful companionship, and encouragement; also one has to remember that none of the above comes free.


Madhu K. Nair [24th September 2011]

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