The Threat within….

My Perception Sitting in my corner I felt that the day of reckoning is not too far. The present situation and conditions will not continue for long and a ruckus is un-avoidable – as I foresee. Question is today, tomorrow or a while later.

I have often come across people who achieve an incredible degree of worldly success, but remain under tremendous pressure. They remain mentally stressed and physically drained. Though they achieve growth and take up additional responsibilities, their mental pressure also increases proportionately. With all the success and glory they achieve, you will find them struggling with a deep personal need for developing their relationships with other people. The reason for this contradiction is that the fundamental values and principles of life such individuals focused upon are much less understood; rather, I would dare say that a need to understand anybody for that matter is not considered necessary as days pass by.

Now-a-days youngsters take it for granted that stylish living comes naturally as we grow up; but that does not happen. One has to be dynamic in their respective field of activity and at the same time maintain peace of mind while focusing on their goals. This requires lot of patience and perseverance, which, in my view, is missing with the current breed. More specifically one need to know (1) what life is all about (2) imbibe qualities from whosoever is one’s hero and more than all (3) willingness to try and practice whatever has been learnt and imbibed. Real nd enduring happiness is a result of integrating the time-tested values and principles of life with every activity in our everyday living. I firmly believe – of course with enough reasons from the life I lived for the past 39 odd years outside the protective wings of my parents – that in the absence of a reasonably disciplined and self-trained approach no one should expect success come their way and in the course one will be deprived of peace too.

Also, it is true that many of the next generation people find it difficult to digest these talks and simply ignore the conventions as old methods. Persons like me get scared and anxiety starts building up. As parents – since we know for sure that life can’t be simple without practicing discipline – we try to foresee the future of such youngsters and the impending threats that they are likely to face due to the un-organised life-style.

May be, even my apprehensions may prove wrong (I too wish so) and I will be happiest soul, if the apprehensions prove wrong. At the same time, my worldly experience says “it will be a wishful thinking that the apprehensions proving wrong”. [Madhu K. Nair – 12th to 17th August 2010]

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