The Political Church…

Is it a discovery or realisation? To me The Church has been political since centuries. In India it was always political. Who at all has said queen ruled us? Queen was the benami of the Church. Yes, it is true that we the Indians in general and Hindus in particular never saw writing on the wall. Rather they refused to read it under the fashionable adjectives (a) I am non-religious (b) non-political (c) I don’t believe n God etc.,

A good percentage of Hindus ridden by casteism and sub casteism always were a dissatisfied lot for many reasons and more so under some kings. This vulnerability was encashed by the Church by every means accessible to them. Also, they slowly penetrated to the inner circles of The kings and were lured by many luxuries. Many kings also believed in sending their next generations to England for higher studies which lend credence to make believe others that English learning and English literature open the doors for one’s all round growth and the olden hinduvian teachings not worth enough. And thus started the divide.

Did anyone give a thought when the British fiddled with your education system first, then the cultural system and finally the administration of the places of worship? Did anyone think of the depth of the statement made by Macaulay –who then insisted to shape the Indian education that eventually proved was to brainwash the future generations –  “A single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia” when he made it? Was it true? If it is not how at all we failed to counter it like in the old saying “Nip in the bud”. I would still say “A single shelf of a good (then) Indian Library was 100 times worth the whole world literature”. But some of the kings subscribed to the Macaulay version and few more followed eventually thus giving credential to the Great (?) Macaulay’s fundamentals. I still believe that the Macaulay’s success in replacing Indian literature with the colonial language was the first step of the defeat of Indian literature and hitting at the very root of Indianism. The damage this man did to the country is 1000 times bigger than what East India Company or the British robbers headed by queen did to this country.

Now, let me get back to the title of this write up. Do you still believe Thomas Macaulay mooted, got approved and enforced this language English and then replacement of curriculum just for cultivating some junior level officers for governance – as was made up then? Then how do you interpret this “form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect”. The characters like Jawaharlal and his cronies. Do you also believe that the distortion of the country’s own ethos, history and then stealing every possible science and technical know-how of our ancient India to bring back in new avtar as their own discoveries/inventions was a just happening? No, I see the hand of the church since then indirectly asserting itself behind this great plan.

Without a common language the church cannot expand their religion. Without instilling the communist mentality to these middle class people who were the first targets, they can’t reach the downtrodden class who were in greater numbers and whom they wanted to woo for their numbers. Without numbers, they will never be able to influence the decisions. And decisions that are favourable for a Church, which will pull the political strings as and when needed. Here lies the very foundation of Political interference of Church.

In independent India, the church enjoyed more freedom than they got in western countries. By being successful in installing a puppet government of queen in Delhi and their uninterrupted power for close to 2 decades they could further influence the lawmakers of “India” with laws that will never harm their intentions even. If anyone want us to believe that there was no influence of church in Kerala elections – especially during the 3 decades of 70s to 2010, in Manipur and Meghalaya during the 80s and 90s (visibly), Tamil Nadu in the recent past here is my best wishes “god bless them”. Look at the state of Mizoram now. Part of India and enjoy every single benefit that can be by any ‘privileged’ state. But what do they preach and practice – anti Indianism wherever and whenever possible.

Today if the Delhi Archbishop has called for his fellow Christians to do prayers to dethrone a particular political practice, it only means The Church has become NANGA of their mottos, motives and motivation.


Madhu K. Nair [5th June 2018]

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