The Last War

While holed up in a room all alone, days together, I can’t even figure why the book “The Last War” (it was a drama i remember) rang bells in my mind… for those who read it, can easily correlate the current passé with the imagination capacity of author Neil xxxx around 80-90 years back…..i might have read it around 1978-80….

It talks about a Third World War, where biological weapons used and entire mankind wiped away. Then the author takes the audience to an all animals representative meet held in the forest where we could witness – very soar opinions of the human beings except dogs (may be they couldn’t stand abusing their masters). Was enthused and stood there till the end of the meeting. 

In the middle one can hear the opinions. Horse opined that he could foresee this fate of the arrogant egoistic human beings whenever he went to war front with them; while monkey was damn angry for calling them forefathers of such a cheap breed like human beings. King Lion said he kills only and only when he is hunger struck unlike human beings who kills his fellow men for no good reasons, to reign over, or to satisfy their ego, supremacy, money… reasons many..

That’s when cobra entered and not to be left behind he too put his opinion forward. He said, “Less talked about this human breed better. God bestowed more capabilities tho them in terms of budhi, shakti, vivek and what not; but he misused everything to satisfy his ego, greed etc., even virus he only made to see his enemies down so that  for the perpetuator he will remain the “one” who can rule the roost. Unanimously the animals  echoed the  one “Stupid Specie” in the universe  is the human beings…. 

Now the animals are having their last laugh as the entire world is left for them to enjoy a long pending freedom…we are seeing wild animals on seashore, on roads many places – no sound, no vehicles, no pollution….perfect surrounding for these rightful inhabitants whom, we the people considered fit only for zoo….

By A fellow Stupid Specie Madhu K Nair….25th March 2020

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