The EVANGELISTS & Their India Activities.

To me colonialism is not yet finished; it is now prevailing and has taken a new more sophisticated form. Means, effectively missionary activities are a tool and support for colonial expansion, which they still believe in their abilities to achieve.

Remember, the Catholic archdiocese of the Indian capital has launched a year-long campaign of prayer and fasting in view of next year general elections, saying India faces a turbulent political future that threatens the country’s democracy. So, what is the need?  In a pastoral letter read out in all the parishes of Delhi Archdiocese on Sunday, May 13, Archbishop Anil Couto called on Catholics to start a campaign of prayer and fasting on Friday ahead of elections in April or May 2019.

“As we look forward towards 2019 when we will have a new government, let us begin a prayer campaign for our country”.  The five-year term of the government led by the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) ends in May 2019.

Typically since last few years, a new mood of aggressive evangelism has been emanating from America. No dearth of fund, highest level of network, backed by the highest (?) of the world order, with zero moral supremacy, has set its eyes on India was either not understood by the rulers here or they connived with it for their vested interests too. Imagine a president himself who is hell bent on religious expansion, corporations of multi-million/billion, access to highest level of technology, network across the globe, a grand but clandestine mission topped of all the above with an invocation from the so called bible. This was real and the target was India…  this exactly reminded me is part of Joshua Project –II. Not very thorough with the contents; but I am sure with whatever I read it is globalisation of evangelism with India and Asia as specific targets/modes and modus operandi.

 The scale and free resources for religious expansion have never witnessed this magnitude, as we saw the American evangelical agencies established large scale, widely co-ordinated and a well strategised religious conversion plan. The aggressive evangelists could find pro-active support from this end also many times to concert some sections of Indian society to Christianity of their denomination. Convert locals, give them the know-how and money to plant their own churches and keep multiplying the members. Exactly,  go to many parts of Kerala to day it is happening in massive scale. Not to mention Tamil Nadu, which is already, witnessing large-scale activities of the kind and Tamil Nadu for that matter is way ahead of Kerala in religious conversions.

 They have divided up castes in India as clusters and plan to set up churches everywhere to persuade and convert. This is beyond racist. This is evil and will change the very fabric of India bringing more social discord. And this exactly is the target of the west on their plan India. So much of interference on India, imagine the plight of many projects in this country that is either not allowed to take off or closed down at later date. Each of this is an achievement of one or other NGO. Who funds this NGO? Who don’t want India to rise to the front lines? And finally who is scared of a “developed India”?  All of us with average brain know who that big brother is…

 If the freedom of practicing any religion of choice is enshrined in the constitution, the same constitution do not allow you encroach into another religion – especially the majority rooted community of this country –  more so when it is proved to be  a targeted attempt to desecrate the demographics and to destabilize a region. Mind it these religions have strong political agenda more than any religious salvation.   And also be well understood that “American missionaries are NO LESS FUNDAMENTALISTS”. They are rather as fanatics as that of another form of ISIS. Be it Christian Evangelists or be it Muslims, they have identified vulnerable clusters – pincode wise –  and deploy men and money to accomplish their mission. And mind it, this is happening without any deviation from their masters wish.

Long back I happened to read elsewhere that the regime of George Bush was too much supportive of large-scale conversions in Asian countries in general and India in particular. Specifically cow-belt as the bottom half of the country is found susceptible to their kind of conversions since long.    Funding is organised in so many ways – even one suspect the corporate funding by the likes of US Corporate biggies – may be camouflaged to divert to NGOs for the above activities too.  OMG, if I am to understand it correctly, the plan was something similar to a military model with intent to invade, occupy, control or subjugate the population. Exactly modern methods of what British did to us 2 centuries back. For this they use every data available to them or even surreptitiously collect it through means such as FB/Google etc.,. It brought together a wide variety of individuals and organisations, under the single goal of achieving “a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000.”

Better “WE” be careful…and guarded too…

Madhu K. Nair [23rd June 2018]

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