The Enemies from across and their partners within:

Don’t need to wage a war any more “if your strategy is sound to last long enough”. If there are puppets for sale in the targeted country your tasks become easier.
The moment one Narendra Modi started talking about development, welfare and similar language, we could see many voices from the so called intellectual, globally acclaimed personalities and journos pulling him back to primitive agendas practiced by congress and its agents. And then it turned into a chorus rendered by all other parties. So much so that one was left to wonder, whether NaMo is a one-man army that every party, every intellectual, every NGO, every religious head started targeting him. Virtually, a bystander felt NaMo has pressed some wrong button. And thus started a vicious campaign against that man and his theories of nationalism, nationalistic agenda, national pride etc etc., Unfortunately, nobody need to wage a war against this country for reasons I jot down as I understand it. So many traitors are in key positions of this country’s administration enemies can comfortably syndicate with these breeds to finish the country without bloodshed. When I look at this situation, parties, individuals etc., I am again forced to believe that the hidden western hand is working through these individuals and organisations and NGOs to finish this country and push it to a level that no one ever will believe that there existed a country called INDIA.

1. Congress:
A party found by English manned by corrupt, shameless and faceless Indians, nurtured by English through these corrupt to govern this country through these faceless and shameless Indians to meet their Agenda. They set the agenda in the name of many a ‘…ism”s and the representatives of this country(?) who proved morally corrupt and intellectually bereft any substance with zero vision for years ahead plundered the country into a poor, underdeveloped/developing for centuries to come.
It is still hard for me to believe, how can a premiere of any country not set the minimum parameters needed for the country stay united at least for a century? Having united hundreds of kingdoms into a country called India with an overall population of hardly 30 odd crores, was it not prudent and easy to create “One country; One Law” then and there? Why was not done or at whose advise was it not done? Really the rulers led this country and the future generations into disaster for which the current generation is not responsible.

A. Historians & Educationists:
Paid stooges of the west working relentlessly to distort the Indian history and education system to percent my future citizens. Whomsoever west regarded as good was good for the then ruling party of the country and this led to distortion of history of this great nation, and thereby forcing the future generations to learn perverted history their great nation. They are even baptised to left doctrine, which prima facie is easy to convince the underprivileged class. Syllabus from the elementary levels distorted to suit this agenda. This breed of intelligentsia multiplied by lickers or whatever of the ruling party chiefs and thrived on it caring a damn about the future generations. It is understood that the manipulations and planting candidates and staging many issues and even forming political parties, organisations were done by the aggressor itself to fool the general public since last – may be – 100 odd years in India.

B. Rajya Sabha Ticket:
This another lucrative bribe to get their h***s in, reward, send abroad and cultivate… The very purpose of the “Upper House” both in UK and India has been to thwart anything that is decided by the elected representatives didn’t go well with he rulers it can be usurped by bringing in ridiculous loyal candidates whose only qualification should be to talk, work and propagate “My works, My glory & ME”. It is high time the Rajya Sabha and Governor positions are abolished forever. You will save thousands of crores for other better use. As such democracy is for and by the people na? then why have a super boss?

C. National awards:
Grossly used to garner people to be the ambassadors of Nehru/Ghandy family (to kill a culture of the country) drawn from various walks of life who will be useful for propagating their motives and their motive always been gradual killing of national values, ethos and systems. There is an unseen foreign hand behind these awards wherein the awarded will eventually be guarding the interests of that unseen hand.

D. Dawood / smugglers and khalnayaks.
These groups had been literally used by political parties and others to garner money and scare opponents. It is well in public knowledge that every political outfit makes use of these types of people to intimidate voters/extort money for the party – and even for netas etc., even many of them engage in un-patriotic and illegal activities as a business.

1. Great Awardees:
Magsaysay awards are nothing but roping people for dirty works of the west and propagating their agenda discreetly. There are many other awards instituted by lesser-known entities of many countries. Awards means funds in various manner. These awards and prizes are real time bombs meant to destabilise the targeted countries. So are the religious heads, MNCs, media giants engaged in the same dirty works at a cost. Indians are more susceptible to these kind of nonsenses. Look at the likes of AK-49, Medha Petkar, mother Teresa, John, Amartya Sen, Arundhati, Nandita and this list can go on. Then look at the list of their activities, opinions on subjects of national interest etc. These breeds are a bunch of differently calipered extremists nurtured by vested interests. They will distort everything and give a different colour and explanation to (1) paralyse industria-lisation (2) to create conflicts among religions, sections of society, (3) to oppose and create negative opinions among population against governments/corporates (4) to assist and promote religious conversions and many others that are against the interest of the nation/people. They are all in one way or other related to Other countries undercover security agents, paymasters etc to destabilise the country or keep it “Developing” for centuries.

They have been the most vulgar lot in the country since decades. Today one can comfortably state 95% of media-wallahs from any segment are “for sale”. Added woes, many media houses have equity partners from western countries. Local political and Mafia money is systematically being pumped into the media houses to take sides or create favourable opinions. Having bought the media house now they turn to the anchors, reporters etc., keep them in pay rolls. You can give awards to them too, the cheapest being Padmashree. Then there are the Barkhas, rajdeeps, kanwars and their breed to glorify nonexistent issues to drive the outsiders agenda. We call them media prostitutes with no malice to prostitutes. Listen to these people for one month continuously, also listen to the great Awardees also for one month by noting down their concerns on a daily basis. You will know that they are least concerned about the country or countrymen. They are least bothered about the atrocious happening around them. THEY WILL BE CONCERNED ONLY WITH THOSE HAPPENINGS WHERE THERE IS POLITICAL AGENDA BY HOLDING HANDS OF FOREIGN NGOs clearly giving us the indications of a global syndicate working to belittle this country in every way possible.

Specie left by the English as their representatives in this country to screw the country, countrymen and the politicians. When it comes to their own deeds they are worst than labour trade unions. Their batch wise unity is enviable. They know every method by which any or all action can be slowed down or scrapped. Also these people can fool the best of best politicians. In this category too there are many who are traitors to the core and corrupt to the core. Are we to depend on them…!! Take your call

All whom I described above are just puppets by the superpowers or “so called” advanced countries. None of them even deserve an award for that matter. But these countries identify such characters and play them along and overrate. The pliable media will either play it for days together or break news 15 times a day to impose the face, name and award won in the common man’s mind. Then these stooges will form NGO, which will be funded generously by the parent countries. This money is used for every other illegal activities, demonstrations, agitations, obstructing etc., as directed by their masters to divide and destruct our strength which lies in some of our age-old rituals/customs.

It’s high time now for patriotic indigenous organisation take the onus on their head, organise right people and pursue the subject. Before inducting the right people into the system the wrong ones need to be pushed out into the oblivion, lest they are capable of contaminating the right ones. Every single NGO should be subjected to publish their audited accounts and even for scrutiny by CAG if need be. This, without losing an hour even from now.

No slave mentality, when dealing with people coming from western countries; be it politicians or religious people. Their purpose of coming vis-à-vis their activities on ground should be closely monitored and action as per either rule of the land or international law as may be deemed.

Stop subsidizing the institutes like JNU. If you think and teach Abraham Lincoln’s story to kids as it is great, good to do so. Those kids who want to make it will make it any way. Tax-payers don’t need to subsidise it. Prepare for the consequences and finish Article 370 – if possible w.e.f “Yesterday”

And finally India should be One country governed by One Law…remove interstate barriers except for considerations of commercial aspects in goods movement, state policing etc. even the passenger cars/buses or anything of these kinds of public utilities should be free throughout the country once registered and paid the dues anywhere in the country.

All the above actions will send right signals to the vested interests outside that here is a country with enough muscle power because of their unity and we should not try dirty ones on them.

Jay Hind

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