Talent; Passion and Attitude

“Learn from your surroundings and from what you see, hear and read” was the last piece of advice from my Dad while leaving home for my first ever job. How much it has come to my help in both personal and professional life is beyond I can explain. One thing I learnt all through these years is there are few keys that lead one to success and then sustaining that success. When one look back at one’s own career, talents and motivations added with those what you learn from your experience only can push one to conquer frontiers – one after another. Here they are in their order of importance from my perception.

PASSION is what fires any creative person, something that gets you angry, or something you love and want to share. Passion brings in vision and then dreams. That vision leads to setting goals, short as well as long-term goals. Passion brings in a kind of discipline into anything and everything one does.   These disciplines help you to achieve your short-term or long-term goals.

I do not know even one person in my life so far; who has succeeded without taking a well assessed RISK and then lives with the consequence – either success or failure. Risk avoidance is a sure way to remain mediocre; being safe does not necessarily promote personal growth. Failure or making a mistake is not that bad a proposition; it’s proof you were exploring, daring and experimenting new ways of doing something. We learn from our mistakes, not our successes. Those people who have ideas bubbling within and are creative in real sense never shy away from taking risk. They do not mind losing, provided they have either means or ways to sustain and move forward. There is an old saying “A bend in the road is not the end of the road…. unless one fail to make the turn at the right time”.

Such people give more importance to SELF-ESTEEM than any other materialistic things. To an onlooker such people may seem to be arrogant / heady or whatever other synonyms; but the fact remains since these people make themselves out of nowhere they are tempted to carry themselves as “I don’t care the world”. This attitude cannot be termed as wrong; it is just that they think well of themselves. Keep an eye on the behavioral pattern of such people and you fill find that they always understand the talents of others and will never shy away from motivating them.

PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE is in a way go automatically with those who strictly follow certain disciplines. Discipline is simply doing things at the right time, right place and precisely. The first thing is knowing what to do and when. So, priorities starting from the short-term ones to long-term ones will have to be in front of us day in and day out. Once ready with this, it only takes a right mixture of dedication and determination to succeed or excel which in turn help one reach the goal.

One’s hunger for success has a direct relation with his or her team building capacity and leadership qualities. Elders say a LEADER particularly has to be NICE AND FRIENDLY with people within and outside the organisation. Be good to a Mentor (if you have or consider anyone so) and be nice to your Clients and customers. Be soft but firm with your colleagues and sub-ordinates. Without these qualities inculcated within, one must know that their career existence will hit ZERO sooner than later. Look upto your mentor as many times as you may require for guidance – this can steer you from every situation – as he / she may be able to give you a better path from their past experience.

I would say, TALENT, one should have some – definitely not a whole lot – to succeed. When I say whole lot what I mean is extraordinarily talented individuals. At least, I have seen highly talented persons whose talents withered away with time because many of them think that they cannot share space with lesser talented ones. A bunch of youngsters with positive frame of mind, with enough fire in the belly to excel in whatever they do is more than enough for a determined leader to strike success.

Success is not a matter of being talented. I put talent last on the list. I know many people who are talented lack one or more of other keys to meet success.

Please don’t blame your lack of success on your lack of talent. Rather go by another old saying “Attitude will determine your Altitude, not your talent or lack of it.


[Madhu K. Nair – 16th Jan to 22nd Feb 2003]

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