Social Awareness vis-à-vis Development

Talking about the relevance of Social Awareness and a country’s development, prima facie any one may think “Where is the relevance?’. But the fact is that Social awareness has lot in itself in the development of the country on the whole.

If the growth is targeted as an all-inclusive one, the level of social awareness and social responsibilities too has to contribute at quantum levels. For this the youth need to be targeted from across the spectrum and educated adequately about the pros and cons of change. A group of socially aware youth can make a visible difference in a community / industry / or a locality on the whole. Many of such things have to be first cultivated in the not-so-urbanised mass through handpicked messiahs of proven integrity.

So, individuals, organisations and even corporates who indulge in social work in various sectors has a big responsibility on their shoulders to re-orientate the mindset of the people which indirectly contributes to constructive thinking and positive attitude towards change. Today majority of the developmental activities are taking a hit at some stage or other due to (i) in-adequate education of the affected mass with advantages of the projects being brought in (ii) not inculcating an ownership feeling in them – which is fundamentally because majority of the affected mass is kept alienated (iii) the so-called big corporates from the private sector behaving irresponsibly keeping an eye only at their ever-swelling bottom-line.

Many times we see the rationale missing with many of the NGOs too who rather trumpets that they and they are the only saviours of this class. But effectively these NGOs will either kill industrialization on the pretext of saving the ecology / environment / aborigines etc.., or they will kill the deprived and under-privileged mass on the pretext of maintaining their identity. Here too we get to see the real middle path missing.

With a 1 billion+ population, the country can progress and march past every other country in the world if only Individuals, organisations, social groups and corporates –

  1. Take the onus onto themselves to run an awareness campaign among citizens belonging to geographically backward and under-privileged areas.
  2. Enable them lift their living conditions, awareness, mindset towards industrialization, urbanization or other developmental activities.
  3. Make them aware of the perils of being left as under-privileged and under-developed and the designs of vested interests working through their owned NGOs in preserving them as under privileged .
  4. Last but not the least, a well meaning campaign should be run periodically to make them aware of the vested interests working among them to maintain a status-quo kind of situation by showcasing them as aborigines

I would like to draw your attention to this very simple fact, that the country is not another society, its merely a bigger form of our society that surrounds us. I quote a good friend of mine *”Poverty can only be removed with opportunity”, therefore If we are able to uplift our immediate society, with our STRUCTURED social initiative’s, the ripple effect will slowly see the transformation into a more socially advanced India.


I would like to make a correction at this point, it is not Social work that is required by each one of us as much as carrying the Social Responsibility. Our attitudes lack the understanding of our responsibility in many areas of our day-to-day functioning. And if we can today, promise to our friends, and ourselves that we will understand, accept and fulfill our social responsibility, then we have already started our first step towards goal of developing our country with our small but invaluable social contribution.


This brings to my mind something read long back somewhere –

“We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing”


Madhu K. Nair- 5th June 2010

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