Self Efficiency…!!

If I, myself, doubt my own efficiency of getting things done it means I will most likely hit failure. So, the very first quality one has to develop is self-efficiency and belief that ‘Yes’ I can do it. Anyone who overlooks this quality as a necessity will hit hurdles what he/she does sooner or later.

Self-efficiency according to me is one’s belief about his/her capabilities to accomplish certain pre-determined performance at certain levels that will eventually have an influence on the professional front or personal life or both. It is this self-efficiency that makes people think and motivate themselves to carry out certain things in certain ways or behave in certain ways on certain occasions.

A strong sense of efficiency improves personal accomplishment in any thing one indulges in. Those with high level of commitments and confidence in their capabilities look straight at difficult tasks as a challenge to tackle than as a threat to be ducked. Such should be the benchmarks created that commitment levels too will have to be raised by default to avoid possible failures. With highly improved self-efficiency levels, one can always face damning situations with re-assurance of having the capacity to exercise control over the situation. Also one can recover from any failure or setback pretty fast than looking for excuses around to justify such failures or setbacks.

On the contrary, I have seen many people who shy away from difficult tasks because they fear that if they fail it will doom their aspirations. For me such individuals’ means those with very low aspirations and zero commitment to the goals they choose to pursue. And the moment they are given a task they will first start with their personal short-falls, on to the obstacles they are likely to encounter, on to all kinds of probable adverse outcomes rather than concentrate on how to perform successfully by hook or crook. They will suddenly slacken their efforts and call ‘SoS’ in the face of difficulties. The worst with these kinds of individuals are that they are most un-likely to recover from such failures or setbacks.

If people experience only successes they tempt to expect quick results and even a simple failure encountered can put them down. This is when elders say “setbacks in human pursuits serve a useful purpose in teaching that success usually requires sustained effort.” If one has to taste success more often, they have to go through a strict regime of perseverance when faced with adversity and bounce back from setbacks. One emerges stronger from such adversities, which again supplements to the persons capacity to improve self-efficiency.

One thing that comes to my mind while on this subject is, many times seeing colleagues – succeed by sustained effort – raises one’s belief that they too possess the same capabilities to master comparable activities required to succeed. Similarly friends / colleagues or even family members too can play a significant role in motivating an individual to develop his skills, commitment levels and self efficiency by timely appreciation.

[Madhu K. Nair – 5th May 2012]

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