Same Wine in New Label: Minority appeasement “my way”

So perhaps this is why the proverbial hornet’s nest was stirred up a bit recently when   I was just listening to Union Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s vision of his department for this new term. I was stunned when I listened to his vision…

Modernisation of Madrassas..!!!!  Training madrassa teachers and students with special courses, launching separate schemes for “minority” students to make them better in competitive exams, then some investment in waqf (I didn’t listen properly) and there were few more not so relevant as the above. Oh, sorry I forgot about the Crores of scholarships for students of the minority communities.

If I consolidate the above into a theme, it is clear-cut focus on facilitating the betterment of the minority community. I was confused is it not the very policy of the erstwhile governments which the Jan sangh/BJP were dead against and fought tooth and nail through decades? To me it was outrageous for a BJP government to do this to its core group.

Let me understand first, how can minorityism NOT okay when practiced or imposed by Congress and how can the same BE okay if the same is practiced by BJP?? It is just not alright to run schemes running into few thousands of crores in the name minority appeasement when the same or similar are not available to our own Hindu brethren. It is neither ordinary nor acceptable. Should I ask, is it a bribe to get hands down support from Muslims for Triple Talaq, Ram Mandir, or even bigger than the above two the ‘Uniform Civil Code’.  If so, I can bet they will ditch at the very appropriate and crucial time.

In any case it is a religion driven policy is my first take. How can anyone, for that matter, accept ‘Sectarianism’ as a state policy? Compare it with what the party and its core values stood for all these years.  Please be aware that you’ve received so many votes for that stance you took from the inception of the Bharatiya Jan Sangh. And I am sure that a sizeable section of the voters, voted for BJP because for them it is an important issue. Congress-Mukt Bharat is a good idea not doubt. But when your mind-set is indulging in the same congress mind-set without any re-calibrations, I have my apprehensions too.

Borrowing from another wise head, “If you sow the seeds of separatism, you can’t expect to reap the fruits of inclusion.”

If we are to put ourselves in the shoes of the BJP, here’s what we’d say – “Congress-mukt Bharat is all well and good, but what is more important is Congress-mukt mind-set”. I honestly hope that BJP remain a BJP for decades to come without changing into BJC (Bharatiya Janata Congress) looking at the way horses traded from there.  The Congress has been playing minority politics for far too long, so the BJP would do well, now, to steer clear of that. In that lies its well being of the party as well as the praja.

Madhu K. Nair [27/06/2019]

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