Real Value of Teamwork…!!

Whenever one talks about teamwork what immediately come to the mind of a person is Sports. Whereas, the value of teamwork can be regularly felt in everything we carry out. If not very often, each of us in our life would have seen lesser-known team with still lesser-known individual players outplaying the established star teams. This happens more out of the teamwork than because of the strength of individual players.

To me teamwork doesn’t mean everybody doing the same thing or everybody stepping on to each other’s jobs. It’s more a means to pull in synergies by which the total output should always stand greater than the individual. If properly managed, teamwork can maximize the strengths, bringing out the best in each team member. These specific, or unique individual strengths can be complimented or supplemented by the strengths of other members of the team to function as a unit. 
With teamwork and right spirits we can achieve even seemingly impossible tasks. This is applicable to all fields – be that professional, personal, or social context. To me the question that could be asked to ourselves is, are we aiming for a team “dominated by high calipered individualistic, self-seeking people delivering lackluster performance” or “mixture of high calipered & mediocre people delivering the impossible through and efforts and teamwork”?

In my opinion, one should always realise that we should not shunt away negative company / role model in one stroke because even these negativities do teach us a lot for our own future treads. The teaching will be “What we shouldn’t be doing at all under any circumstances” and to me this is most important of all the things what we get to learn.

These are the times when one should look to create a good circle of one’s own because the members of such circle will never let the other down. And this is Teamwork where each person creates a company of friends to take on any task at any given point of time with full confidence that it would be accomplished. And when the real recognition of the accomplishment comes that too is shared by all in equal terms.

For that matter not all teams need to be made up of friends nor do they need to be, in order to be effective. It can or cannot be close friends; but it has to be people who respect each other for whatever is one capable of because such people will hold together when situations turn demanding. Teamwork does however, have the potential to promote a fulfilling, meaningful way of working together.

Why I feel teamwork important – in spite of the fact that it’s not necessarily an easy option – is my experience of working with many groups on worthwhile activities with common goal, ending up with the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of work.

As some intelligent person said some time back “Look..!! there is no ‘I’ in Teamwork.

[Madhu K. Nair – 23rd December 2012]

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