Positions, Responsibilities & Expectations

“Positions are only ornaments; many will agree with me that even without ornaments many girls look pretty and firm-footed. Why not ‘we the Rotarians’

Begin to LEAD our CLUB and take PRIDE in all we do…

…many times situations will demand one to take decisions by setting aside all the suggestions for the betterment of club.

LEAD and SET HIGH EXPECTATIONS…setting high expectations are in a way setting challenges for the followers…let’s do it.

Be INCLUSIVE… no one is big; no one is small. Everyone is big on their own days. Let’s not measure the individual strength- rather let’s put the collective strength.

DARE to CHANGE those things that need changing… as long as the results are positive changes in whatever form will be accepted-sooner than later.

ENGAGE your entire membership… no need to explain.

Be a RELEVANT part of your community
… we have to be ground boys… not banner boys.

Be the SERVICE ORGANIZATION OF CHOICE in your community…hmmm

Create PARTNERSHIPS with those we serve and through whom we serve.

Have FUN and encourage GREAT FELLOWSHIP & MENTORING…I know we are all for it…hehe.


Madhu K. Nair [19th July 2015]

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