Met my favorite author – Rajiv Malhotra

Today I had the opportunity of meeting one of my favorite author Rajiv Malhotra.

Rajiv Malhotra is an Indian-American author and public intellectual who, after a career in the computer and telecom industries, took early retirement in 1995 to found The Infinity Foundation, which focuses on Indic studies, but also funds projects such as Columbia University’s project to translate the Tibetan Buddhist Tengyur. Apart from the foundation, Malhotra promotes a non-western and nationalistic view on India and Hinduism. Malhotra has written prolifically in opposition to the academic study of Indian history and society originating in Europe and the United States, especially the study of Hinduism as it is conducted by scholars and university faculty of the West, which he maintains denigrates the tradition and undermines the interests of India “by encouraging the paradigms that oppose its unity and integrity.

Why I hate the Inter National Congress Legacy….

For me, it is very difficult to digest Gandhi as a Mahatma. I don’t think it is because he is really not a Mahatma; but because he forced characterless, not so noble, Pandit by no means, petty politician by name Jawaharlal on the 33 odd crores of Indian people. Gandhi misused the respect people of this country conferred on him by taking decisions that affected generations after generations. Here lies the irony.

Irrespective anyone think of this person called Jawaharlal, he is and will be definitely known as the first prime minister of independent India. This history cant be changed ever. So the annals of history will have this name etched. History of India, Freedom struggle in India etc, have been jotted by many eminent people; but what is taught to the young mind since decades is only those excerpts from those distorted, self-glorified history written by this man called Jawaharlal. I encountered some congress walas in my young age and used to pick debate on subjects as jotted above. Did we ever get to read even one cardinal mistake this fellow has committed with an impact that runs to decades in any of our text books? Why not? If you can glorify a persons for not doing things that they claim he has done; have the courage to admit the mistakes which were effectively done by him.

How many of you will ever reject a Nobel prize coming your way? Here is a PM (whom I still consider as the proxy of queen) who has taken a domestic fight to an international arbitrator. Added to that here is one PM (?) of a 300 odd million country who royally REJECTED the permanent membership of UN Security Council when it come on its own to India’s Lap. Is he not the same stupid who supported China – in spite of them screwing you royally in 1962 – for a Permanent Membership in UN. Is he even worth making a Patwari when you look at his short sightedness in running a country or there was (evidentally) vested interests that outweigh nationalism in his decisions. Is it not a fact that he upheld his so called peace loving country funda to reject the offer from JFK to enable India develop nuclear weapons and its carriers.

Now some major and perpetual pains inflicted by Jawaharlal which no Indian will ever forget…. I still don’t whether it was his love for beautiful women or the Abdullahs, which prompted him to give 43 out of 75 seats to Kashmir valley although Jammu had large population. Who on earth will concede to formulating states on what language they spoke? Is this not one of his most idiotic decisions was the division of states on linguistic basis which opened a whole can of worms. Ironically, the very state that initiated this linguistic demand – Andhra Pradesh – is now further dissected for what goddamn reason can anyone say? I would dare say the states should have been carved only and only looking at administrative convenience. This man dissected the people of the country itself horizontally, vertically and diagonally as many times as possible.

Don’t you feel like laughing at the reason he subscribed for not accepting the Nepal King’s wish to join the Union of India? I am still scratching in the dark to find that reason why at all the relations with other countries sour if Nepal was merged with India.

These are few of my reasons why I hate this fellow, his whole breed and their legacy. He never had INDIA’s interest in the forefront of any of his decisions – be it national or international. Yes, he did take care of the interests of all time friends like the Mountbattens or Abdullahs that were totally detrimental to the country’s interests.

And this underlines what I scribbled in the first Para.


Madhu K. Nair [08-11-1998]

The Political Church…

Is it a discovery or realisation? To me The Church has been political since centuries. In India it was always political. Who at all has said queen ruled us? Queen was the benami of the Church. Yes, it is true that we the Indians in general and Hindus in particular never saw writing on the wall. Rather they refused to read it under the fashionable adjectives (a) I am non-religious (b) non-political (c) I don’t believe n God etc.,

A good percentage of Hindus ridden by casteism and sub casteism always were a dissatisfied lot for many reasons and more so under some kings. This vulnerability was encashed by the Church by every means accessible to them. Also, they slowly penetrated to the inner circles of The kings and were lured by many luxuries. Many kings also believed in sending their next generations to England for higher studies which lend credence to make believe others that English learning and English literature open the doors for one’s all round growth and the olden hinduvian teachings not worth enough. And thus started the divide.

Did anyone give a thought when the British fiddled with your education system first, then the cultural system and finally the administration of the places of worship? Did anyone think of the depth of the statement made by Macaulay –who then insisted to shape the Indian education that eventually proved was to brainwash the future generations –  “A single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia” when he made it? Was it true? If it is not how at all we failed to counter it like in the old saying “Nip in the bud”. I would still say “A single shelf of a good (then) Indian Library was 100 times worth the whole world literature”. But some of the kings subscribed to the Macaulay version and few more followed eventually thus giving credential to the Great (?) Macaulay’s fundamentals. I still believe that the Macaulay’s success in replacing Indian literature with the colonial language was the first step of the defeat of Indian literature and hitting at the very root of Indianism. The damage this man did to the country is 1000 times bigger than what East India Company or the British robbers headed by queen did to this country.

Now, let me get back to the title of this write up. Do you still believe Thomas Macaulay mooted, got approved and enforced this language English and then replacement of curriculum just for cultivating some junior level officers for governance – as was made up then? Then how do you interpret this “form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect”. The characters like Jawaharlal and his cronies. Do you also believe that the distortion of the country’s own ethos, history and then stealing every possible science and technical know-how of our ancient India to bring back in new avtar as their own discoveries/inventions was a just happening? No, I see the hand of the church since then indirectly asserting itself behind this great plan.

Without a common language the church cannot expand their religion. Without instilling the communist mentality to these middle class people who were the first targets, they can’t reach the downtrodden class who were in greater numbers and whom they wanted to woo for their numbers. Without numbers, they will never be able to influence the decisions. And decisions that are favourable for a Church, which will pull the political strings as and when needed. Here lies the very foundation of Political interference of Church.

In independent India, the church enjoyed more freedom than they got in western countries. By being successful in installing a puppet government of queen in Delhi and their uninterrupted power for close to 2 decades they could further influence the lawmakers of “India” with laws that will never harm their intentions even. If anyone want us to believe that there was no influence of church in Kerala elections – especially during the 3 decades of 70s to 2010, in Manipur and Meghalaya during the 80s and 90s (visibly), Tamil Nadu in the recent past here is my best wishes “god bless them”. Look at the state of Mizoram now. Part of India and enjoy every single benefit that can be by any ‘privileged’ state. But what do they preach and practice – anti Indianism wherever and whenever possible.

Today if the Delhi Archbishop has called for his fellow Christians to do prayers to dethrone a particular political practice, it only means The Church has become NANGA of their mottos, motives and motivation.


Madhu K. Nair [5th June 2018]


Whenever I go for a seminar at least one session, invariably, is on leadership. But I always thought it is so simple that everyone tried, glorified and succeeded in creating a kind of scare of the word “Leadership”.

If a leader need to command respect One has to primarily look at his/her character, and should know the job well and so should about the task in hand and the nature of those with him. Needless to say, what they do for implementing or motivating or providing a direction is equally or more important too.

While the Leader himself has to always display professionalism, followers will always look at the leaders loyalty to organisation, his willingness to take responsibility, honesty, competence and commitment, integrity and courage etc.,

Whereas to me a leader should be good FOLLOWER before looking how many follow him, should be able to COMMUNICATE effectively in any SITUATION. Similarly a leader can’t be a leader till he himself assess his own strength & weakness and of course character in addition to knowledge and skills.

A leader – in addition to his/her being proficient – should possess some better understanding of human needs, emotions and their response even while under stress etc.,

Who will do the Goal setting, problem solving, planning and decision making? Leader.
Who will do effective communication, perfect coordination, overall supervision and final evaluation? Leader.
Raise the morale, coach the boys, train them and advise them as the organisation chief—— Leader…

A real leader influence the overall environment through very clear Goals, values and Concepts they establish.

I have seen quite a few ordinary people who later turned out to be leaders on their own right – the ones who always tried and challenged the established process, improved upon it and delivered faster which displayed the steel in him.
Somehow this self propelled leader believed that the above experience should be shared with others in his team and beyond in as simple language that it can be understood by everyone. This again shown me the traits of a real would be team-leader.

This man never imposed his leadership though he is one. Whenever he wanted a task from others he gave them the order with time frame. But the real leadership I saw when I always saw him asking the team “what do you need to fulfill my order/instruction” and he was always there to provide it and even methods and solutions if and when needed.

Even with a huge battalion to take the orders, he never hesitated to dirty his hands whenever the things got tough and shown them it can be done rather than bossing them what to do.

Lastly I never heard/saw a Leader sharing his painful experiences; but always saw him sharing all those glory with his teammates and followers.

This sets the leader apart from the team and not the long speeches…


Madhu K. Nair [16th June 2002]

A Typical Enterprise – How it doesn’t work….!!

I am taking this privilege of jotting down things that many may not prefer putting on paper.

Started this enterprise 2005 and grown – probably a little faster than I wanted it to – to the current levels. Growth too has come not because I wanted, but because the prevailing system drove me to.  For example lender will say WC can’t be more than 20% as per norms(?). But I can’t run my industry with less than say 40% with justified reasons; what do u do? You are likely to get an idea  to increase your top line and get your WC need. What about bottom line then? don’t ask me.  And the promoter on his part is most likely use this WC for capital expenses also, many times,  without understanding the intricacies/consequences.

Problems start from here. Why can’t the lender’s technical guys assess and provide for legitimately needed WC? I don’t say Promoter’s word alone should be taken for granted.

Next, Why should the promoter run from rating agency to rating agency for credit rating? Why can’t the bank do it? How is the agency better tooled or better qualified to do rating as compared to bank? Are they super professionals compared to bank’s own people?. Will they too share the responsibility with bank if and when an account goes bad?. Incidentally many of the – wilful or otherwise – defaulters are rated far better compared to the struggling ones.

And if rating agencies are that better equipped, how come “Kingfisher” logo  (you may wish to call BRAND) got rated for thousands of crores and lender paid thousands of crores and see even one property could not be encashed so far; leave alone the bird which no one will ever take. The companies that owe tens of thousands of crores to public (mean vendors, contractors and such agencies)  pending also get BBBs and AAAs (?) because, they pay emi /interest/LC on time to bank rest everyone screwed.

Those who take large loans (tens of thousands of crores) and swindle in large scale get cheaper finance and those who are yet to learn swindling get costly funds. In large enterprise promoters visitor’s list one may find a few chairmen or such likes from big lending institutions and in that of the  smaller ones only creditors, tax collectors and few customer representatives.

Effectively, MSME segment as the employee class pay to subsidise the national wilful defaulters and of course the poor farmers whose loans need to be waived off periodically to give fresh loans so that the vote bank is nurtured properly.

However, did anyone give a thought to a funny designations in the industry segment..

  1. MSME is designated so by calculating certain investments in certain manner. Those numbers in today’s devaluated rupee doesn’t mean  much to be frank. Also there are many smarties who can circumvent the rule with intrepretations.
  2. Now, the external rating agencies have a method and nomencla-tures for SME rating. Beyond those ratings such as “SME 2A” so on and so forth, it is the A, B, C. D etc.,
  3. So, effectively anyone beyond Sl. No.1, will be rated in line with the methods applied of the likes of Mallya’s, Ambani’s, Adani s etc.?
  4. But the facilities extended, in every respect has wide disparity including rates and charges.

Now comes certain qualifying criterion. I am not saying it should be abolished; but those which are blatant favours should be removed or else the country will have a feudalistic industry wherein few will hold the card for the entire jobs and slaves (names) will be working under them for peanuts. Mind it it is the msme sector that employs the maximum lesser educated population.

And this MSME sector (with exceptions) largely don’t get into misdeeds. Yes, there are sizeable number of entrepreneurs whose own resources are limited; but dare to take on the challenges in business. So look at them comprehensively and hold the hand firmly and see them through till the lender feel themselves safe and confident. That’s how you nurture your children too..isn’t it??

I am just lost at the very thought of lender calling itself “Partner in Progress”, but milking every bit from the borrower even when he/she is in dire straight. Are they only “Partner in Profit??” It is as if they brush every borrower  with same colour. The Milking ones, the sucking Ones and the killing ones.Ok  coming to our own case, bank give you what thy think is your NEED, not what you really NEED today, then what??

Typically in one case, the company had an order book in excess of 400 crores keeping aside LoI. But today from office boy to Promoter all are engaged in one job and that is borrowing to see each day through. They might have camouflaged losses incurred during successive years to keep their heads high and face straight; but having done it and with the lethargic approach of institutions every time, an otherwise healthy order book started looking like a burden.

Had the help been extended in time, all of these people will engage in what they are good at and what they are supposed to be doing.  With a built-up reputation prevailing for the company so far, the deliveries prompt, realisations good (which already is now) and you are in reasonable shape within few months. Regaining the confidence alone will show more than desired results. A swollen order book can reduce debt (unless promoters become greedy and start thinking of thousands of crores loan and lakh crore business model) and thereby improve the cash flow to a huge extent which is the only basic problem NOW.

It is not story telling but at the end as above “they all can live happily ever after”.

After all this particular segment employs the maximum semi and unskilled hands and also converts them to skilled ones over a period of time.

Madhu K. Nair [23rd September 2017].

Authority, Responsibility & Accountability…

I think there is a lot of mis-understanding within the layers officers/working personals with respect to certain terminologies…


The term responsibility is often mis-interpreted as an obligation (?) to perform a particular task assigned to a subordinate. In an organisation, responsibility is the DUTY. Means, for any particular assignment given to a person for accomplishing, the said person will be RESPONSIBLE for completing it.

So, effectively Definition of Responsibility can be put as “an obligation of individual to perform assigned duties to the best of his ability under the direction/guidance of his leader” OR a little crisply, ”the duties and activities assigned to a position or an executive”. Is it not simple enough?

Characteristics of Responsibility:

  1. Normally, responsibility moves upwards, and normally the higher

the position one assume, the more the responsibility.

  1. Responsibility is continuing in nature.
  2. Responsibility cannot be delegated.
  3. The person accepting responsibility is accountable for the performance of assigned duties…….Wow..


Authority is the right or power assigned to an executive or a manager in order to achieve certain organisational objectives.

A manager will not be able to function efficiently without proper authority. Authority is the root of organisational framework. Without authority, a manager ceases to be a manager, because he cannot get his policies carried out through others. An Organisation cannot survive without authority. It indicates the right and power of making decisions, giving orders and instructions to subordinates. Authority is delegated from above but must be accepted from below i.e. by the subordinates. In other words, authority flows downwards. Showing one’s authority at wrong person, time and place can boomerang. So authority need to be handled wisely and judiciously.

Definitions of Authority:

“Authority is the right to give orders and the power to extract many activities from many people for the smooth running of an organisation.”

“Authority is the principle at the root of Organisation and so important that it is impossible to conceive of an Organisation at all unless some person or persons are in a position to enforce things needed to run the organisation.”


Every employee/manager is accountable for the job assigned to him. He is supposed to complete the job as per the expectations and inform his superior accordingly. Accountability is in a way is the liability created for one’s use of authority. Or it is the answerability for performance of the assigned duties.

Definition of Accountability:

“Accountability is the obligation of an individual is to primarily discharge the responsibilities entrusted on him successfully and report formally to his superior about all such activities that had undergone to accomplish it.”

When authority is delegated to a subordinate, the person is accountable to the superior for performance in relation to assigned duties. If the subordinate does a poor job, the superior cannot evade the responsibility by stating that poor performance is the fault of the subordinate. A superior is normally responsible for all actions of groups under his supervision even if there are several layers down in the hierarchy. Simply stated, accountability means that the subordinate should explain the factors responsible for non-performance or lack of performance.

Authority, Responsibility and Accountability are Inter-related

They need proper consideration while introducing delegation of authority within an Organisation. In the process of delegation, the superior transfers his duties/responsibilities to his subordinate and also give necessary authority for performing the responsibilities assigned. At the same time, the superior is accountable for the performance of his subordinate.


Madhu K. Nair [18th July 2005]

Deteriorating quality of education in the Country…

=Teenager jumps of the fifth floor terrace and kills self – reason he failed in Chemistry..                                = Class ten girl comes from examination hall home, walks straight to her room and bolt from inside and kills herself…reason she assumed her score wont measure upto…

These are news articles one come across in the morning papers of late; meaning last two decades or so.

What brings the question, what is the real idea of education? As we were explained or driven, it is to teach & develop a human being through its mind so as to make it behave in an ideal way meaning righteous thoughts, mannerisms, understanding of issues/subject analyse and decide to act.

The reality, however, is far from this and is scary as well. The current state of education in our country is so deplorable that people have to look for alternate ways to impart meaningful education to the kids. The formal system of education has proved almost worthless – primarily because the original system has been tampered with since more than two /three centuries by successive invaders (Govts.). They had the political agenda of breaking the country’s ethos, making the population dependent on these west driven curriculum and agenda  thereby making them susceptible to adopting anything imposed on them in the name of development/superstitions/religious freedom etc.,  but none apprehended a hidden agenda of comprehensive brain washing of generations to come through this new found education system.

Lowering strength of the human asset of this country that was once proud of this country is in debate too.

The factors leading up to this are many  as I look at it:

Parallel to the real world

The current , formal, system of education do not give any knowledge that will work for them when they are to encounter different situations.

The problems that the kids are taught today are ones that they will never ever actually face in the real world. With the change in the way people look at life today, formal education seems almost unnecessary because of its sheer pointlessness. The teacher talk to the kids about history when none of them know the current political scenario in which they have to live in. Are we so naive to think this history will do them any good? all these nonsense talks when the kids at the very tiny age are not properly taught of the mannerisms and civic sense.


Deterioration in the quality of education begin from the quality of teachers. Though I still firmly believe that till the age of 5 children should be allowed to learn from what they hear from their near and dear ones and from what they see around them. Then only schooling should start. But now, at a tender age of 2 years, when a kid starts going to school, his teacher is the first person that he/she looks up to. The kids are highly impressionable and start following the teacher; teachers who are more commercially inclined than emotionally attached to the children in moulding good all round citizens. They don’t care about the standard of education that they part with probably because many of today’s teachers too came through the same system. My observation could be wrong in certain cases, but most of the classrooms in our country don’t even see a teacher in a daily basis. mind it I am not talking here about the paid schools of the cities, but about this schools that carries 60 percentage of the kids in the rural and semi urban india.


The curriculum is, by and large, static for ages leaving small changes here and there and that too effected by some political appointees. Many of such appointees are not fully integrated within themselves with the cultural and historical past of the country vis-a-vis the evolving order of the country/world. So, when the designers and teachers themselves are not in sync with changing  order, what can the current generation get from schools. This is a  major mismatch that makes the kids interested in only percentage scores rather than “learning” something taught in the classroom.

Our country has lot and lot to give to the kids than all other countries put together in every sphere of education; we have to make it more palatable to the current breed through perfect designing of curriculum   keeping in mind the development of the minds of the new generation. With latest technology what can not be done to revolutionise formal education? Why are we bent upon aping the west who are worst in any topic you take….

Through a well designed exposure we can give the kids a thorough and in-depth knowledge of our own country, with peripheral knowledge of other world order.  Look at the current successful leaders of admin/business/politics anything, none of them sacrificed their childhood. It is important for the kids to know about their country, but it is even more important for the kid to know about the world. At the end of the day, our kids will one day compete at the global level and they should be prepared for that.

Forced education

Last but not the least, do not force 100 things into a small brain in the name of competitiveness. Every Child need not be good in academics. Each one comes with a talent that is not similar to the fellow child. Talent varies from person to person.  Means, there should be flexibility in the quality of education  and kids should have the option of picking and choosing based on his/her talent and  taste. If a kid is genuinely not interested in academics and he/she is bent towards art, then let them opt it as full time and rest for minimum general knowledge.

Let the kids not see education as life imprisonment or a mechanical equipment to score, score and score; make them look at it as a tool to nourish, polish and bring out the best person that one is and also to help them bring the human in them.

Education is not to display the competition that cultivate only enemity among kids right from the tiny age and that should not be national aim. Rather rewind the system by a century or so, and allow an atmosphere for the kids to bloom to human beings first and then qualified human beings.

Let’s change what education has become over the time and take it back to what it was originally supposed to be. An open stage to learn and showcase knowledge. Let’s not make it a competition. Let’s even not make it a venue for young lives to terminate themselves.


Madhu K. Nair                                                                                                                                                      23rd of February 2017

(I might have visited at least 400 or more schools from interiors of cities in various parts of the country.)

A Very Conscious Rethink:

Its but natural that one’s sense of own-self keep evolving throughout. However, it is during the adolescence that the foundation for who you are and who you are likely to be is laid. It is very common one see teenagers shrugging away when elders try give them piece of advice. Some of these advices will stick to these tender minds too long enough, however hard they may like to dump it. So keep trying and sharing few of your  experiences to those youngsters coming across instead of avoiding thinking that they will shrug and walk away.

At the very outset we have to prevail upon them and convince them that their views on almost everything now will change over a period of time. Reasoning that the views of an adolescent mind will take significant changes while stepping into adulthood.  Also, they should be taught or explained to embrace this process rather than fight against it. People change – you too will change – and it is only natural that your take on certain things will change with it. If you try to hold on to your previously expressed opinions, you will only push the conflict inwards which serves no purpose at all. Its, of course my own experience.

Always held Trust in my Guts:

All living beings are blessed with an innate sense of what is and isn’t right for us in any given situation. One should follow this intuitive gut feeling as much as you can because it will generally help you do right. It is not only my opinion, it is my experience that nine out of ten times you will do right.

Was Biased

Many times it is good to stay open minded to views and opinions of others.  As you grow older, you begin to form your own world view and you might have very strong opinions on certain subjects in particular. These opinions can, sometimes, go out of control and get into serious argument when encountered with those who hold different opinions. Instead, we would urge you to listen to what other people are saying and please be aware that their views are not necessarily a personal attack. It isn’t always a wrong and a right, there always can have more than one right/wrong. To insist that there is only one right /wrong may lead to some conflict down the road.

There may come a time when the feelings and thoughts associated with being a youngster (applies to all ages) get too much, and it is then a  must to seek help from someone whom you rely on.

Also, help can come in many  ways/means – from a heart-to-heart talk with a friend or family member. The old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved is not far from the truth and relying on the help of others is not a sign of weakness, it is actually a sign of strength. Again I speak this too from my own experiences of carrying wrong definitions.

Madhu K. Nair

Inflight…many days (14/4/18)

Diversity, Understanding, Intolerance & Global Peace

Saare jagan se acchha; hindusthan hamara..All Indians my brothers and sisters; In diversity we find unity..etc., the tag lines are many and people a billion+. But we have been hearing, reciting and spelling out the above since decades. And suddenly you stare at a situation where you find every thing said above as farse…you will find it difficult to answer the questions posed by the intelligent modern day kids. I dwell into it briefly

But for the catchwords, we missed the bus to make the above words meaningful. Reason being our political class never tried to get into the meanings of those phrases/words in true letter and spirit.

When we talk about diversity, it could be geographical, could be linguistic, religious, caste etc., etc., even attires for that matter defer place to place. 540 odd kingdoms to become India means there has to be these diversities. But the then rulers should have understood that, to set everything in order it was easy with 30 crores people than 125 crore people. Also, this need to be remembered that different races, ethnic groups and culture therein has come very handy in weaving a story of Unity in Diversity. Kings like Chandra gupta maurya tried to keep the Bharatvarsha as one from Himalayan plains to Indian ocean those days, and today it is through continuous hammering and promotion of national holidays, patriotism etc., through these the rulers try and project an Indivisible India.

A large country, Different regions and religions; see the variations in climate and the type of garments; The spoken language different from one another state, rather I would say every 100 kms there is a variation. Celebrate different festivals and perform varied religious rites and a population that belonging to different religious faiths to diverse cultures. In spite of these diversities, Indians feel a sense of unity and oneness among them. That’s what make India is a land of Unity in Diversity. The current Indian civilization has been nourished and developed by multiracial contributions. From times immemorial, different races migrated into India via land and sea routes and get them settled here. In course of time they were absolutely absorbed in India’s social life and thus create one more sect. So as years passed, thousands of sects flourished in India and they got assimilated with customs and cultures of the country called India. However, Britishhers did succeed in breaking the country – if not superficially – on religious and cultural lines over a period of time.

Till now, “the understanding” level of Indians was much better than anyone else in the world. That and that alone was the reason why so many caste, creed, communities, religions could live harmoniously without any skirmishes. The understanding of the Indians were such that they were willing to experiment with anything once they were convinced there is something good in it. This weakness too was manipulated by successive invaders/intruders of the country to expand their motives – be it looting the wealth or expanding their respective religions and culture. As the generations have been degenerated with consistent efforts of the vested interests, understanding has become an alien word as many other. My request is do not go by the history best sellers as majority of them are distorted, tailor made dirt designed to hit the young minds of the future written through pliable historians who may not be able to write an essay of their own.

I believe, it is since then and by the Britishers the word intolerance were coined. Incidentally the pre-independence era saw many of our stalwarts being accommodated in the universities abroad with an eye on baptising these people into the communist doctrine and queen doctrine of ridiculing everything that is Indian as superstitious, divisive etc,, and thus they created Indian Monsters to implement the western agenda of breaking or balconies India. Systematically these people started turning people in every layer against its immediate upper layer both economic lines and caste lines, one religion against the other sowing the seeds of “intolerance”. And of late, everyone can see the level of intolerance nurtured, propagated and then dissected by a select few trained and biased people.

Since then, the ruling front or party instead of providing equal opportunities to all sections of the population, started with various reservations. I believe there was a well planned long term design aspect to this action. Destroy the Indian talent which can be most dangerous one to the world on one hand and allow the “intolerance” fundamental to grow day after day. Had those people been given equal opportunities for learning and training, I don’t think anyone will be look for your bread pieces. This is how the British coined the idea of in-tolerance. Muslims were – even before the independence was given – given with a piece of land as they could convince British which was not tough task as they too wanted to leave India mutilated. And already they have sown the seeds in the minority minds about an invisible intolerance of majority, which was to become the permanent ailment to the country. One more reason what I found in the intolerance debate is the expansionism of certain religions. We all talk about Hindus and Muslims only. Think of Christian religion. Major funds coming into the country through various NGOs are meant to expand this religion in its thousands of sub-sections. Today we are able to contain it but very little.

Global Peace – to me appears to be on paper and venues of seminars only. But is there any “one” who really works for it. I would say ‘NO’ for the simple reason that no one is ready to sacrifice even an inch from their beliefs, claims and pocessions including perceived pocessions. As on date, one can see a conflict or other within every country, between neighbouring countries, and within countries where religious dominance is prevalent. How do we think Global Peace can be achieved? Global Peace according to me can come only when

  1. Countries RESPECT the sovereignty of every other country – however small/big it may be.
  2. Countries STOP their mind-set of interfering in others business claiming themselves to be the appointed saviours of globe and c.
  3. Countries STOP exporting their garbage to the neighbours.
  4. Countries STOP their one-up-man-ship and rhetorics and playing into their respective gallaries.

And looking at the day to day happenings around the globe, all the above seems to be evading so far and may be in the immediate future too….


Madhu K. Nair

12th August, 2017


Indira not a comparison at all to NaMo

There is a wide belief that Indira made India a regional powerhouse etc., by virtue of her (1) Pokhran (2) Bangladesh liberation and rest on papers. Dismembering Pakistan was indeed praiseworthy as the neighbour with its evil intentions to keep on both sides would have been a bigger problem. Shastri Ji, however could erase the bad memories of China episode with the 1965 war of Pakistan and humbling them in a big way.
She followed that up by absorbing Sikkim, integrating the island territories, and by authorizing the first nuclear test in 1974. If the test had been conducted ten or more years prior, India would have been a NPT nuclear power. Jawaharlal Nehru let India down with his poor strategic vision.

That stupid Ramachandra Guha said to be historian, recently drawn parallels between Nehru, Indira and NaMo. All the more it has fortified my otherwise firm belief that this is a hand-made historian by – may be Indira and/or her coterie. Even a ordinary person of reasonable understanding about the past 50 years history know that the other two stand no comparison to NaMo.

From my perspective, Indira Gandhi is the root cause of all the ills we are going through after her father’s stupid actions that are already in the public domain. Shastriji was killed (by someone or at the behest of someone who could have been a beneficiary of his sudden death) and it has never been subjected to proper investigation and hence not worth discussing now either. However, had he been around for a longer stint he would have made all corrections of his predecessor’s wrong policies. Nehru failed India on many major fronts is a public knowledge.

Political corruption was there even during his time. But Indira implemented systemic or institutionalised corruption, which also is well known. Of course when the congress was split, all the wise men/seniors and well meaning members were on one side and this beautiful young lady with nothing much to claim of political acumen or administration on the other. If we look back, what were her political acumen or administrative experience and worldly knowledge at that time except being the shadow of her worthless father. we know that even a good engineer put under a dog will turn out a dog only by passing times.  And here her experience is exactly that. Then how to create a firm grip on the party then?.

Do we really think that stopping Privy Purse has created any major difference to the ordinary person of the country? I do not think so because today one Sonia or one Chidambaram is worth multiple times than those few kings whom she troubled for no reason except fooling the praja. But she did it with great pomp and fair and hyped (which these beggars now complain of NaMo) to create a big fan following amongst the lower strata. Nationalisation of banks, again with the same motive, and couple of other decision were played to the gallery more than with long-term perspectives. (Please understand Public Sector Banks are milking the taxpayer  to serve the corrupt more than anything else in the country). Then in the immediate aftermath she goes on to dismiss the parliament and go for a mid-term poll with (1) Garibi Hatao (2) Roti, Kapda, Makan both of which are still a dream (after 46 years since). Now when the wise men are on the wrong side of ‘her’ politics how to grab or grip the party. “Winnability” became the ONLY yardstick of giving tickets. What does it bring on the table then? Gundas in gunda areas, caste leaders, religious leaders etc. were hand picked for respective constituencies without giving a damn for their nation building/law making capabilities. Won 2/3 seats with sheer arrogance and since then all the slogans went for a toss and I don’t care anyone attitude creeped in and nation paid heavily for all her nonsense.

Corruption was institutionalised with the advent of license-permit-quota raj of Indira. The country’s terminal ill that was started since 1947 (we are only talking of independent India) has taken new turn and Indira used all means at her disposal to perpetuate her rule. Thus a corrupt dynastic rule was born. So nearly sixty years of rotten and dynastic rule nearly ruined every strands of a fabric called India.
The Emergency was another major arrogance on Indira’s long rule. Indira’s 16-year reign have three headline events like the 1971 war, the 1974 nuclear test, the Sikkim absorption. Other than the above, I do not have any reason to believe that she had any long-term vision for India. Even talking about 1971 war, had the army tip toed the political wisdom we could have got a big drub according to every information available to us regarding the war.        She should claim glory, if at all she want to, it could have been for deterioration of values, deterioration of business atmosphere and promotion of active and open gunda gardhi. She was completely pre-occupied with her own and her family member’s agendas. She systematically killed every leg of democracy and put a sort of authoritarian government in place.

Lessons not learnt, her second term was dominated by vengeance towards her opponents. Cultivated monsters, biggest being Bhindranwale, instead of building a nation that will be envied by the other world, a nation where everyone will be educated, self earning (instead of living on her pittance in the name of reservations, reservations and reservations) and a self sufficient country. End result was that she was brutally killed which is paying back for her own stupid actions. Calling it MARTYRDOM is the biggest insult to the democracy.

If comparison of NaMo and Indira are drawn by the size of the security and threat perception, may be I may have to agree to some extent; other than that I do not see many similarities. She was a strong headed & self-centred, used the country for her family and NaMo is a hard core Nationalist and every decision he take has an eye on the after effect on the nation primarily and nationals followed. Indira has the needle of suspicion on the sudden death of Shastriji, where as NaMo came to power centre from nowhere utterly through his hard work. Indira has zero depth when it comes to core values of the country and the countrymen; where as NaMo a pracharak from Gujarat (no cow belt) coming through Vivekananda memorial an ardent reader and one who has travelled the length and breadth of the country and outside the boundaries. Where is the comparison; NaMo is much above that lady called Indira. For some sycophants who wanted pittance from her can call her whatever they want. So drawing similarities of these two by the babu Guha can be only termed as height of stupidity; nothing less and nothing more. Look at him, even after being in power for last 3 years, he didn’t change a bit. That is the strength of being true nationalist.

Narendra Modi with all his ideological bend will draw the best from all quarters. I am sure, he will make all PSU things either work or perish fast. He appears to be dead serious about poverty elimination and his decisions are pragmatic. Unlike Indira’s “Garibi Hatao” slogan and nothing on ground, here is one who was born in poverty and knows more about poor than the lady under reference. Because he is not a dynast, it follows that everything Modi does is for the country.

When he order surgical strikes, does anyone think that he might have kept BJP’s fortunes at the back of the mind; only a sick mind can say that. He wanted to prove a point or two to Pakistan who thought India will never react. Same thing about demonetization; if anyone think that BJP as a ruling party is not hurt I can only say it is the height of stupidity. They must be equally at discomfort as anyone else because they too must be having sacs full of money. He thought it is the need of the hour and did it. No other considerations.  Can anyone educate me about what was Indira’s contribution towards social security, meaningful investments etc.? Nothing. Where as, NaMo sends a matured feeling and all round approach to these most important subjects. He is determined to raise India to its deserving position amongst the world countries in all fronts. Did she ever even think on such a whole sum basis?

NaMo has no family members who can drag him into the thick of unreasonable decisions where as she always had priorities that are close to her family and close friends. She put her dynasty much above the country contrary to the sound bytes she made and her sycophants shouted.
Dynasty rule in the state of India is gone forever. It will never ever happen. As far as Indira is concerned, we should ensure our future generations are not taught about her so much so that not even one from the future generations should dream to become one of that breed.

Madhu K. Nair [20th February 2017]