Non-Greedy Organisations (?):

Why such a lot of noise about IB report on NGO organisations? 8 days on the same subject is too long a time for prime time watchers. Rather why cant NGOs take it as a wake-up call for them join the debate and come clean. It is a God sent opportunity for them.

Because every NGO claim to safeguard the interest of people in general, it needs to be verified thoroughly and establish the real credentials. All such organisations coming under NGO should welcome this so that the genuine ones can live peacefully other wise the shadow of doubt will, of course, be cast on all including those who are genuine. How do I differentiate some NGOs who act as mere pressure groups on one or other subject and those genuine ones?

I agree that many not be making profits. But are they not receiving funds? Are they not spending funds – in some cases on accounts that are not supposedly meant for the purpose it is indented for? So, these NGOs too should allow the government to have a closer scrutiny.

If they think that in Democracy freedom is to say and do anything they think, they should also understand that Democracy cannot be a ‘one way traffic’. If the so-called NGOs can question the actions of the administration; so should be the other way round. That is democracy. Why should one just assume, just because an organisation is registered as an NGO, it is beyond the reach of any scrutiny. There could be many cases wherein the money received is not used for the purpose it is indented for. At the end we are talking of thousands (?) of crores. There should be periodical checks on how and where the funds are being received and how and where the funds are being spent. Also, it should be scrutinized for their veracity of whether or not the functioning of such organisations is within the regime of the registration given to such NGOs.

Good number of NGOs involved in stalling projects on one or other pretext is funded either by developed countries or by rival corporates or other vested interests. The developed countries want the developing countries to maintain a status quo for ages and be dependent on them forever. To understand this no big brain is needed.

Looking at the employment situation of the country, we need industries and other employment generating services in abundance. While moving forward on this target there is every possibility of some strictures being violated. This is when NGO can step in and ensure that the parameters are complied strictly as per the norms. Not by opposing to put up any new ideas the day it is thought loudly, seemingly at the behest of some countries/corporates.

We can understand the problems these industrialization causes to certain sections of people in the vicinity. But then such problems can always be addressed in proper and beneficial manner. So, the fight should be for proper rehabilitation of affected people, or adequate precautions for consequential disasters and safeguarding the greenery as well as creating more green belts etc., rather than creating ruckus and obstructing developmental activities.

No industrialization means no scope for employment. And unemployment is the single biggest menace that breeds various kinds of crimes that we witness today. Times have changed and the present day citizens do not want to be dependent on the free-bees that are thrown to them by the successive governments where the incumbent political parties breed these sections just as a vote bank at the politician’s mercy.

The many NGOs who are training their guns on anything and everything – be it industrialization of any kind, scientific tests, police action, political upsurges, religious activities and you name it …an NGO is there to either oppose it or approve it. I am a firm believer that MAJORITY of them operating in the land is paid stooges of either big rogue countries or big rogue corporates. Both are shelling out billions to create hurdles for their respective enemies. Advanced countries do not want you to develop for their own commercial and other interests and so they need NGOs to divide and rule. Corporates want to kill their prospective competitors before even it is born for which what better than an NGO. Thus flourish the business of NGO.

That’s why I am of the considered opinion that a state like INDIA cannot afford to close the eyes on the activities of large number NGOs in various segments. We should ascertain the genuinity of every NGO operating in this country by verifying their actual parents, sources of income, end use of the funds they collect and whom they are reporting to on a regular basis. The absence of this will lead the situation into utter chaos.

As of now, NGOs do not seem to be setting their priorities right; rather each one of them seem to be born to oppose everything at the cost of development, employment, per-capita revenues etc., It is high time that the NGOs redo their acts quickly and set their priorities too; or the going could really be tough in the days ahead. Look for the checks and balances incorporated in every project for pollution/disaster management etc. in its right perspective and advise or force corrective measures instead of showing a red flag to one and everything that the administration will come up with.

Madhu K. Nair

24th June 2014

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