Leadership Leadership Leadership…!!!

One must be actually tired of reading about “Leadership” qualities, Leadership grooming, leadership this and that by many many so called intellectuals. But, my big question is that does anyone really think leaders can be made? Are there any secret recipes for making leaders? I have my own doubts.

Because I firmly and squarely believe that there are no real “secrets” of leadership. Only time-tested truths that have been established long back and rediscovered again and again over the decades by one or other great author.

Managerial capacity or Leadership is our ability to take charge, to lead, to get the best out of yourself and others and vital to your achieving your full potential in life. Leaders are usually self-made through work. Leadership is action, not position. It is defined by what you do, not by a title conferred.

A leader is an executive. What is an executive? It is someone who executes, takes action, and achieves goals and moves ahead. What this means is that you can be a leader even without followers.

The definition of leadership as I understand is: “The ability to get results.” When you think and act like a leader, you soon get the results that leaders get, and enjoy the results of leadership i.e., respect, esteem, more opportunities, higher pay and a life of significance—making a real difference in your own world.

I definitely do not think leadership can be fixed. It is all about attitudes and skills. This means that you can learn any leadership skill you need and can achieve any goal that you may set for yourself.

Definitely not saying “Beware”; but I am saying “be aware” that leadership is not something that can be just read, heard and implemented nor is it something that can be thrust upon someone.

One has to just understand certain fundamentals of this world…

No one cares about what you SAY or what you are capable of; rather they are just waiting to see what is done by you with whatever you know or whatever you are capable of. For that matter they are not much bothered about what are all those things you STARTED; rather they will be itching to see how you are FINISHING what you have started. Who you are doesn’t bother many, but your potential vis-à-vis accomplishments will become your benchmark.

Madhu K. Nair [23-08-2009]

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