JNU: An institute occupied by Rogues and Anti Nationals.

When the JNU controversy erupted, I was sure “OK…the forthcoming Parliament session also is washed out”. The 44+ will now ensure that the session is a complete wash out without allowing any of the bills or budget or other business to be conducted by the government. As such if you look at the timing of each issues during the past 2 years, you will find that there is only one agenda, which is, don’t allow the incumbent government to   function at all.

But, my great God!! Slowly things started turning out differently although my reading too was not wrong. The slogans were audacious to tell the least and undoubtedly anti-national.

On a serious note, I don’t care about this JNU controversy at all-fundamentally because I have never been a great admirer of this university. For that mater neither Osmania, AMU gives me any sense of pride as an Indian. Particularly since the days of emergency these institutions were always gripped by many political controversies mostly inflicted by continuous indulgence by mainstream and radical political outfits.

Videos of antinational sloganeering and vulgar display of “don’t care for India” started hitting the news channels and mobile phones. When I was listening to some of those people behind it, I was in for a rude shock.

An institution where the students, even from the most affluent families, come and enjoy the taxpayer’s contributions and a community, which enjoys the most ridiculous kind of political freedom, are up in arms against own country. The bunch of traitors misinterpreted the freedom enshrined in our constitution. They stripped nude the country’s image and self respect in front of the world media. They left ground for our neighboring countries to make opinions of mother India. And now come the intellectuals of all political colours to debate on the TV screen and talking of the innocence of their traitors.   When I saw the video of Arnab Goswami lashing out at a student of JNU (Umar Khalid) in a Times Now’s News Hour debate…I realized the seriousness of the developments at JNU.

Now, talking about the media houses, when JNUSU President Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested on sedition charges they were widely divided. This to me is again startling. How can media houses be divided on the issue of ‘anti-national” or “sedition” at all? At a time when they should have sounded unanimous, here are the media barons taking sides of political spectrum and brush the country dirty to the world.

The following are some of my observations on this entire issue:

There is an old saying “Seeing is Believing”. When you watch prime time TV and when the anchor show you the clips of videos of what is happening one will be – by any yardstick – tempted to believe it. But now comes the debate of doctored videos and undistorted videos – relevance of the old saying as quoted above. During the debate two phrases that were prominently used by both the sides were “Freedom of Expression and Right to Protest”. Those intellectuals from the pro Afzal camp quoted that they are within the law as is given to them by the constitution of India and those from the patriotic camp says these freedom come with riders such as responsibility, accountability etc.,

“Bharat tere tukde honge …Insha Allah-Insha Allah” Bharat ki barbaadi tak…jang rahegi jari” who chanted all these slogans. The mob. Who mobilized the mob? Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid and the likes. Even if it is for the sake of TRP, channels played these clips for more than 2 days day in and day out in every language. People of India have seen it all. And now they know it all. One good thing that have emerged form the whole episode is that Narendra Modi is in an invincible position as of date and for the same reason I am sure he will dare to take on such anti-national elements sooner than later.

I mean, may be the video had mismatched audio with the visuals, but then there was evidently a pro-Afzal Guru event that had taken place where anti-national sloganeering did take place and the accused were present there for sure. Wasn’t it something really serious? How could the media houses advocating the “doctored/morphed video” theory (which could be right…though nobody knew what video the police and the investigating agencies had) ignored the sloganeering while focusing on visuals in the video? Wasn’t it more appropriate if they had focused more on the appropriateness of the so called “cultural program glorifying Afzal Guru?.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise to me, when I saw the debate turned into Nationalism from Afzal guru meaning that if you are a nationalist then you simply can’t be on Afzal’s side. I mean practically it was Nationalism vs Afzal. And it appears, this is when the game of political expediency or political hatred spreading was lost. Any one who sympathized with Parliament attacker Afzal was stamped anti-national. Every argument revolving around Doctored video, foe, right to dissent, right to protest, they are just students…etc. failed to convince the ordinary citizen.

These elements should understand that most of the people in India are fundamentally nation loving by nature. One can always see they connect very emotionally to the loss of “people in uniform”, fighting at borders or losing their lives in terror attacks.

The kind of politics played by Rahul Gandhi, left parties or people day in and day out are watching Kejriwal. One thing I must say, people are no way going to forget this episode too soon, and the longer they remember this episode it would prove better for the integrity of the nation.

For an average Indian – who have been rooted to the ‘AKHAND Bharat’ – nothing can come before his/her nation, and who ever will dare to doze…the nation will stand together to crush them.

Madhu K. Nair [17th March 2016]


  1. If there is an option, the university should be banned from all union activities.
  2. No subsidiaries anymore. Deserving candidates to be sponsored by corporates/NGO/Individuals with responsibility of the behaviour of the candidate.

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