Indira not a comparison at all to NaMo

There is a wide belief that Indira made India a regional powerhouse etc., by virtue of her (1) Pokhran (2) Bangladesh liberation and rest on papers. Dismembering Pakistan was indeed praiseworthy as the neighbour with its evil intentions to keep on both sides would have been a bigger problem. Shastri Ji, however could erase the bad memories of China episode with the 1965 war of Pakistan and humbling them in a big way.
She followed that up by absorbing Sikkim, integrating the island territories, and by authorizing the first nuclear test in 1974. If the test had been conducted ten or more years prior, India would have been a NPT nuclear power. Jawaharlal Nehru let India down with his poor strategic vision.

That stupid Ramachandra Guha said to be historian, recently drawn parallels between Nehru, Indira and NaMo. All the more it has fortified my otherwise firm belief that this is a hand-made historian by – may be Indira and/or her coterie. Even a ordinary person of reasonable understanding about the past 50 years history know that the other two stand no comparison to NaMo.

From my perspective, Indira Gandhi is the root cause of all the ills we are going through after her father’s stupid actions that are already in the public domain. Shastriji was killed (by someone or at the behest of someone who could have been a beneficiary of his sudden death) and it has never been subjected to proper investigation and hence not worth discussing now either. However, had he been around for a longer stint he would have made all corrections of his predecessor’s wrong policies. Nehru failed India on many major fronts is a public knowledge.

Political corruption was there even during his time. But Indira implemented systemic or institutionalised corruption, which also is well known. Of course when the congress was split, all the wise men/seniors and well meaning members were on one side and this beautiful young lady with nothing much to claim of political acumen or administration on the other. If we look back, what were her political acumen or administrative experience and worldly knowledge at that time except being the shadow of her worthless father. we know that even a good engineer put under a dog will turn out a dog only by passing times.  And here her experience is exactly that. Then how to create a firm grip on the party then?.

Do we really think that stopping Privy Purse has created any major difference to the ordinary person of the country? I do not think so because today one Sonia or one Chidambaram is worth multiple times than those few kings whom she troubled for no reason except fooling the praja. But she did it with great pomp and fair and hyped (which these beggars now complain of NaMo) to create a big fan following amongst the lower strata. Nationalisation of banks, again with the same motive, and couple of other decision were played to the gallery more than with long-term perspectives. (Please understand Public Sector Banks are milking the taxpayer  to serve the corrupt more than anything else in the country). Then in the immediate aftermath she goes on to dismiss the parliament and go for a mid-term poll with (1) Garibi Hatao (2) Roti, Kapda, Makan both of which are still a dream (after 46 years since). Now when the wise men are on the wrong side of ‘her’ politics how to grab or grip the party. “Winnability” became the ONLY yardstick of giving tickets. What does it bring on the table then? Gundas in gunda areas, caste leaders, religious leaders etc. were hand picked for respective constituencies without giving a damn for their nation building/law making capabilities. Won 2/3 seats with sheer arrogance and since then all the slogans went for a toss and I don’t care anyone attitude creeped in and nation paid heavily for all her nonsense.

Corruption was institutionalised with the advent of license-permit-quota raj of Indira. The country’s terminal ill that was started since 1947 (we are only talking of independent India) has taken new turn and Indira used all means at her disposal to perpetuate her rule. Thus a corrupt dynastic rule was born. So nearly sixty years of rotten and dynastic rule nearly ruined every strands of a fabric called India.
The Emergency was another major arrogance on Indira’s long rule. Indira’s 16-year reign have three headline events like the 1971 war, the 1974 nuclear test, the Sikkim absorption. Other than the above, I do not have any reason to believe that she had any long-term vision for India. Even talking about 1971 war, had the army tip toed the political wisdom we could have got a big drub according to every information available to us regarding the war.        She should claim glory, if at all she want to, it could have been for deterioration of values, deterioration of business atmosphere and promotion of active and open gunda gardhi. She was completely pre-occupied with her own and her family member’s agendas. She systematically killed every leg of democracy and put a sort of authoritarian government in place.

Lessons not learnt, her second term was dominated by vengeance towards her opponents. Cultivated monsters, biggest being Bhindranwale, instead of building a nation that will be envied by the other world, a nation where everyone will be educated, self earning (instead of living on her pittance in the name of reservations, reservations and reservations) and a self sufficient country. End result was that she was brutally killed which is paying back for her own stupid actions. Calling it MARTYRDOM is the biggest insult to the democracy.

If comparison of NaMo and Indira are drawn by the size of the security and threat perception, may be I may have to agree to some extent; other than that I do not see many similarities. She was a strong headed & self-centred, used the country for her family and NaMo is a hard core Nationalist and every decision he take has an eye on the after effect on the nation primarily and nationals followed. Indira has the needle of suspicion on the sudden death of Shastriji, where as NaMo came to power centre from nowhere utterly through his hard work. Indira has zero depth when it comes to core values of the country and the countrymen; where as NaMo a pracharak from Gujarat (no cow belt) coming through Vivekananda memorial an ardent reader and one who has travelled the length and breadth of the country and outside the boundaries. Where is the comparison; NaMo is much above that lady called Indira. For some sycophants who wanted pittance from her can call her whatever they want. So drawing similarities of these two by the babu Guha can be only termed as height of stupidity; nothing less and nothing more. Look at him, even after being in power for last 3 years, he didn’t change a bit. That is the strength of being true nationalist.

Narendra Modi with all his ideological bend will draw the best from all quarters. I am sure, he will make all PSU things either work or perish fast. He appears to be dead serious about poverty elimination and his decisions are pragmatic. Unlike Indira’s “Garibi Hatao” slogan and nothing on ground, here is one who was born in poverty and knows more about poor than the lady under reference. Because he is not a dynast, it follows that everything Modi does is for the country.

When he order surgical strikes, does anyone think that he might have kept BJP’s fortunes at the back of the mind; only a sick mind can say that. He wanted to prove a point or two to Pakistan who thought India will never react. Same thing about demonetization; if anyone think that BJP as a ruling party is not hurt I can only say it is the height of stupidity. They must be equally at discomfort as anyone else because they too must be having sacs full of money. He thought it is the need of the hour and did it. No other considerations.  Can anyone educate me about what was Indira’s contribution towards social security, meaningful investments etc.? Nothing. Where as, NaMo sends a matured feeling and all round approach to these most important subjects. He is determined to raise India to its deserving position amongst the world countries in all fronts. Did she ever even think on such a whole sum basis?

NaMo has no family members who can drag him into the thick of unreasonable decisions where as she always had priorities that are close to her family and close friends. She put her dynasty much above the country contrary to the sound bytes she made and her sycophants shouted.
Dynasty rule in the state of India is gone forever. It will never ever happen. As far as Indira is concerned, we should ensure our future generations are not taught about her so much so that not even one from the future generations should dream to become one of that breed.

Madhu K. Nair [20th February 2017]



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