I never stop dreaming….because sometimes I feel I am dreaming…!!!!

In our Modi’s second term – and for that matter much more firm in the saddle –  personally I think there are areas critically important to sustain if the party really want to re-write  the India that is to a Bharat that was. And for this, clean washing of Macaulay mindset  is the single  agenda above every other things; means starting from curriculum because for India this Macaulay virus has been working uninterruptedly for more than 2 centuries.  Now, at least we have a anti-virus for this after such long wait in the form of a Nationalistic government.

Create world class schools with world class teachers with human touch from lesser known cities. This only can create citizens of class and competence. Promoting with 20% or no percent marks by virtue of so and so caste will not. We have to make the backwards compete with the affluent class kids then only the society will REALLY change. I can vouch the even less than pathetic conditions of schools and even more pathetic teachers (so called) teaching those children. The “Macauley’s Literacy mission” should be immediately replaced by Bharat’s “Educate mission”.

Next is re-inventing dignity of work.  If dignity in every job is assured I think society will be little more beautiful and people will find the social environment more friendlier which in turn will give better outputs.

The foundation of MSME sector needs lot and lot of strengthening through outright amendments from the governing rules to definitions to handhold to lending institutions. One should mind, this is the largest sector that gives employment and if this is strengthened no govt will need to rob the Toms (the tax payer) to subsidise the Peters (the minimum job guarantee is a mockery of human being – at least in states like Kerala). {150 days min job, which is, do nothing and claim from the respective panchayat offices or wherever, rupee 1 or 2 per kg. rice and 30 odd kgs per whatever, then all these 6000/ or 72000 or 78000 nonsenses.  If cadre based parties are ruling then all these benefits will go to the cadres and their near ones.} MSME is the noblest sector because, majority who are employed by this sector is from the uneducated class who within few months become semi-skilled from unskilled and another few months become skilled on respective trades. Now, think who is the real catalyst in the stand up or skill India or so many other musical phrases coined of late though this has been happening silently since decades.

No places of worship are poor now (because that was a pretext for laying hands on the temples management by erstwhile governments). Ask the communities to manage their own; whichever is the religion or community. Prayer is not like a job guarantee. Hindus has the largest asset base since centuries because of the Hindu way of economic considerations, welfare state (Praja first policy of olden days) added with the mindset of being Hindu, which is pleasure of giving.

Without weighing whose perception is what, the real culprits has to be pushed behind bars. Be it any family. Without doing that in spite of ample evidences deporting “balle”s of one Mallya here, One Nirav modi there, one naresh goyal (how silly it say about our system, when an officer say there was some spelling mistake in the name hence Goyal could pass through the immigration) here doesn’t mean anything. We allow the gandhis, chidambarams, pawars and many likes to be the kings and kingmakers. Strong actions against this breed will not only send right signals to the domestic voters, but also to the global pimps who eagerly wait to indulge in many matters effecting our country unscrupulously.

Let’s have a presidential form of government by 2029 if possible. All elements will be happy in their respective federal states managing their own business. People will know exactly who is responsible for their welfare /miseries. And the country head will have more time to contain and   configure the boundaries of our land, exchequer, the men in uniforms and a couple areas associated with it.

There are many more, but these 3-4 things if attacked totally and sincerely Modi or Modivian will be the model of governance for the next 20-30 years.

None of the above should be with an explicit target on votes; If these are implemented wholeheartedly, I bet, the election expenses also can be diverted to welfare measures of or citizens.

So I feel…

Madhu K Nair [29th May 2019]

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