Diversity, Understanding, Intolerance & Global Peace

Saare jagan se acchha; hindusthan hamara..All Indians my brothers and sisters; In diversity we find unity..etc., the tag lines are many and people a billion+. But we have been hearing, reciting and spelling out the above since decades. And suddenly you stare at a situation where you find every thing said above as farse…you will find it difficult to answer the questions posed by the intelligent modern day kids. I dwell into it briefly

But for the catchwords, we missed the bus to make the above words meaningful. Reason being our political class never tried to get into the meanings of those phrases/words in true letter and spirit.

When we talk about diversity, it could be geographical, could be linguistic, religious, caste etc., etc., even attires for that matter defer place to place. 540 odd kingdoms to become India means there has to be these diversities. But the then rulers should have understood that, to set everything in order it was easy with 30 crores people than 125 crore people. Also, this need to be remembered that different races, ethnic groups and culture therein has come very handy in weaving a story of Unity in Diversity. Kings like Chandra gupta maurya tried to keep the Bharatvarsha as one from Himalayan plains to Indian ocean those days, and today it is through continuous hammering and promotion of national holidays, patriotism etc., through these the rulers try and project an Indivisible India.

A large country, Different regions and religions; see the variations in climate and the type of garments; The spoken language different from one another state, rather I would say every 100 kms there is a variation. Celebrate different festivals and perform varied religious rites and a population that belonging to different religious faiths to diverse cultures. In spite of these diversities, Indians feel a sense of unity and oneness among them. That’s what make India is a land of Unity in Diversity. The current Indian civilization has been nourished and developed by multiracial contributions. From times immemorial, different races migrated into India via land and sea routes and get them settled here. In course of time they were absolutely absorbed in India’s social life and thus create one more sect. So as years passed, thousands of sects flourished in India and they got assimilated with customs and cultures of the country called India. However, Britishhers did succeed in breaking the country – if not superficially – on religious and cultural lines over a period of time.

Till now, “the understanding” level of Indians was much better than anyone else in the world. That and that alone was the reason why so many caste, creed, communities, religions could live harmoniously without any skirmishes. The understanding of the Indians were such that they were willing to experiment with anything once they were convinced there is something good in it. This weakness too was manipulated by successive invaders/intruders of the country to expand their motives – be it looting the wealth or expanding their respective religions and culture. As the generations have been degenerated with consistent efforts of the vested interests, understanding has become an alien word as many other. My request is do not go by the history best sellers as majority of them are distorted, tailor made dirt designed to hit the young minds of the future written through pliable historians who may not be able to write an essay of their own.

I believe, it is since then and by the Britishers the word intolerance were coined. Incidentally the pre-independence era saw many of our stalwarts being accommodated in the universities abroad with an eye on baptising these people into the communist doctrine and queen doctrine of ridiculing everything that is Indian as superstitious, divisive etc,, and thus they created Indian Monsters to implement the western agenda of breaking or balconies India. Systematically these people started turning people in every layer against its immediate upper layer both economic lines and caste lines, one religion against the other sowing the seeds of “intolerance”. And of late, everyone can see the level of intolerance nurtured, propagated and then dissected by a select few trained and biased people.

Since then, the ruling front or party instead of providing equal opportunities to all sections of the population, started with various reservations. I believe there was a well planned long term design aspect to this action. Destroy the Indian talent which can be most dangerous one to the world on one hand and allow the “intolerance” fundamental to grow day after day. Had those people been given equal opportunities for learning and training, I don’t think anyone will be look for your bread pieces. This is how the British coined the idea of in-tolerance. Muslims were – even before the independence was given – given with a piece of land as they could convince British which was not tough task as they too wanted to leave India mutilated. And already they have sown the seeds in the minority minds about an invisible intolerance of majority, which was to become the permanent ailment to the country. One more reason what I found in the intolerance debate is the expansionism of certain religions. We all talk about Hindus and Muslims only. Think of Christian religion. Major funds coming into the country through various NGOs are meant to expand this religion in its thousands of sub-sections. Today we are able to contain it but very little.

Global Peace – to me appears to be on paper and venues of seminars only. But is there any “one” who really works for it. I would say ‘NO’ for the simple reason that no one is ready to sacrifice even an inch from their beliefs, claims and pocessions including perceived pocessions. As on date, one can see a conflict or other within every country, between neighbouring countries, and within countries where religious dominance is prevalent. How do we think Global Peace can be achieved? Global Peace according to me can come only when

  1. Countries RESPECT the sovereignty of every other country – however small/big it may be.
  2. Countries STOP their mind-set of interfering in others business claiming themselves to be the appointed saviours of globe and c.
  3. Countries STOP exporting their garbage to the neighbours.
  4. Countries STOP their one-up-man-ship and rhetorics and playing into their respective gallaries.

And looking at the day to day happenings around the globe, all the above seems to be evading so far and may be in the immediate future too….


Madhu K. Nair

12th August, 2017


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