Determined to Win – the Willpower

The WILLPOWER (the ability  to  control your own  thoughts  and  behaviour, especially in difficult  situations is it if I understand the meaning correctly)  in us only can determine our growth. Will power will force you put constant effort which inturn yield consistent  and quality outcome.                             

When any organisation takes birth, everyone associated with the opening ceremony including the chief guest will be having many questions – what were you doing?, where is the money from? Manpower? How many will be benefited? Capex?How did you manage to get funds? Do you have connections? Etc. rarely will anyone ask what exactly prompted you to venture into? So, “The Passion” which drove the person is neither seen,  under-stood  or recognised, though it is that Passion which make an organisation to stand up.  

And then sometimes, few of them hits the roadblock, and falls down. Since then it is the Will power of the person(s) behind that venture who determines whether the organisation will bounce back or perish forever. 

In a company or say corporate, “WILL” means the Will of the individual who leads the organisation. In many cases, the lieutenants too stand by to force a productive outcome through collective WILL of the organisation.

OK, logically speaking collective will seems more plausible, but does not sound practical as there are many ifs and buts. That’s my experience- especially in my enterprise although I enjoyed working with collective will in couple projects earlier as a lieutenant. 

One underlying assumption in building this thesis is, individuals working in corporates (only corporate, not social, not political etc) work for money and it’s the single largest factor directing their immediate behavior & results.

A Promoter or CEO of a business have great Willpower and that’s why they have hit success and stood an unpredictable client driven market. But still Organizations are where they are, some like me not getting it right. 

Now here’s  where difference arises, collective Will of all employees of Organization. 

In our case I can unhesitatingly say that we had individuals at top position with high passion & high willpower. But then the next line of managers and executors didn’t measure up to be a actual support to their seniors.That’s where the problem starts creeping in. Sometimes for some second level to act with passion can prove detrimental be cause such employees may likely to get tagged as STUBBORN and this will blunt their movement in hierarchy by his/her own superior.

Actually I think that there is no much difference between stubborn & determined? 

As long as I am able to steer a stubborn person’s energies in a manner which can yield positive results, that will make a  DETERMINED individual out of a stubborn one.

So effectively speaking, it is now proved to me that Passion can help you start, it can help you in course correction; But it’s one’s will that can keep you going, keep you focused and help you to achieve. In life of  entrepreneurs there comes a time where they taste failure, when inner self and everybody around them calls for quitting and their hopes dashed. Then,  only ONE’S WILL comes to rescue and keeps one going and finally succeed in most of the cases. That achievement or the sense of Self-fulfillment is higher than any reward in the whole world.

At last, WILL to do things comes only with a sense of ownership, freedom to be creative, to operate, to choose and to work. That’s why one can always see a very highly regimented or closely monitored forces don’t perform (exceptions forgive) well in longer run. 

If a team can be given just enough   Elbow room to work within Organisational Objectives the Organisation will become Invincible sooner than expected. 

Mistakes and pitfalls do teach you better lessons than the scripts…

Madhu K Nair [17/4/2019]

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