De-Coding Anti Modi Alliance

Appreciate Editor’s attempt to decode the anti-Modi alliance. But don’t you think more than decoding it is re-visiting the anti modi alliance that has been prevailing since may be 2012 when the early inklings of his name likely to be propped up for the PM’s position started surfacing.

The re-opening of Isharat case to begin with and the several CMs of the country came out with statements and even the “grapevine”(?) stating a small group of anti modi within the party itself working….to me all these were anti-modi allianace. It is the BJP who is probably refusing to accept that there is forces within and outside the country who want Modi out. You may take satisfaction of making all other political parties financially poor; but I believe these parties will still find money to pursue their agenda set by those sitting outside the country. Trust me, the target of the forces is not just Modi as a PM; but their target is the”the Modi” who is the only one currently seen as the spoiler of the designs of Big Brother countries to somehow stop India from (1) advancing in self-reliance (2) being aggressive with wrong doing neighbours and finally asserting its position in the world order. NGO money pouring into this country from – everyone knows who – our friend America pump the highest amount and this money come with specific targets that ranges from conversions to religious intolerant activities to espionages to spying to stop new projects, to raise environmental issues (non-existant) and what not…

It is high time BJP and its seniors realise that first priority  should have been re-inforcing the party as “The” most reliable one for which – if needed – some elements will have to be controlled, at least during the first innings or else you are likely to lose the fence sitters and these are not small percentage. Secondly, they should pick the right reasons that cost them the seats during the just concluded round of parliament elections. I believe, there is more to look within than the alliance theory.  Also realise, that the other states that you think will compensate in 2019 such as Odissa, Kerala, AP etc., can surprise a jolt as these are most unpredictable voters historically.

The young appears to be little disillusioned as I see it… there is hardly 10 months more to regain their confidence…

Madhu K. Nair (Nagpur)

[This was a letter to the editor or “Organiser” ]

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