Corporate Expectations from MBA Interns

At Raisoni Colle of MBA on Raisoni Business seminar for interns on 3rd March 2016

A great morning to all dignitaries on and off the dais and a great day to you…my young friends.

I don’t know if any of what I am likely to highlight in the next few minutes  will help the youngsters sitting here in getting job of their choice; but I am sure it will help you succeed in the job you get.

You should be thorough in the work assigned to you. Even the management knows that while someone has an natural eye for details and there are a few to whom this does not come naturally and therefore comes with experience. But be rest assured that from the management perspective, seemingly being thorough with the subject will make a big difference as to how you will be perceived in the organization.

Awareness – Are you aware of the happenings in your sector or what much are you aware?. So, Keep a track of market dynamics of major companies in the sector you are interested in working. Awareness of your subject can immediately attract the attention of the interviewer or employer in the present job market. That is why I would say, whenever one is to appear for interviews try gathering some key information of the company – preferably with some data/figures to back your knowledge.

Problem Solving – companies will always be in favour of promising youngsters who will make it to problem solvers rather than problem by themselves. Even as a fresher there could be many occasions when you may stare at problems that you might not be sure of how to address. When faced with a problem, try options to solve the problem in the best manner within yourself or at least your communication to the next level person should be fast so that the problem doesn’t linger on paving way for a bigger problem. So, whenever in a tight corner, you should speak to relevant people find out solution instead of sitting tight or trying to hide the problem which can lead to worst situation.  Keeping quiet, hiding or ignoring can only bring negative rating on you from the management; management will always have an eye on those who are more forthcoming and show glimpses of improvement day after day.

Leadership – Leadership is not just for managers or CEOs or for people from similar positions. Even a fresher can display his/her leadership qualities by indulging in decision making on their day to day working. Try doing something extra that can send a message to the management that you mean business and to accomplish the task, you are the one who wont hesitate to walk a little extra. While as fresher you might not be taking CEO level decisions; but you will expected to take small decisions to complete the task within the time – either by yourself or by consultations and discussions.  Never even think that you have to become X or Y to show your leadership skills. Anyone who shows determination to accomplish the assignment within the time frame and budget will be always looked as a prospective leader.

Learning from Chaos – As young man nobody in the management will expect you to be in the hot spot of chaotic or frightening situations that so often is seen in many manufacturing segments. You too might not have even envisaged of such situations in the early days of your career.  I would say, you should not keep absolutely away from such situations because many times these situations too teach you how you would have acted in a given situation and mind it learning from the sidelines helps you always as you climb the professional ladder.   Also, such keenness displayed will never go unnoticed from the higher ups.

Let me tell you one thing, management has been there from prehistoric times. Effective innovation, creativity, vision, co-ordination & co-operation and above all punctuality are the keys things management will like to see in their battalion. This has been the criteria then and it is the same today too. Only difference is the terminologies might have changed, expressions might have changed and the language might have changed.  Those days you had to rely on elders and libraries to get clarifications. Today it is google which is thousand times faster. So, what I might have gathered in a week or 10 days time during my days, you are getting in 2 or three minutes. So, is the expectations of the corporates too. Anyone who understand this fundamental is successful and anyone who ignores these basic things will be in for trouble. China, Germany, Japan and may be few other countries are doing extremely well in production.

CONNECT, CONVICTION AND CONTINUITY…. What corporate will look from you…and for that matter this only CAN TAKE YOU TO HEIGHTS.

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