The Last War

While holed up in a room all alone, days together, I can’t even figure why the book “The Last War” (it was a drama i remember) rang bells in my mind… for those who read it, can easily correlate the current passé with the imagination capacity of author Neil xxxx around 80-90 years back…..i might have read it around 1978-80….

It talks about a Third World War, where biological weapons used and entire mankind wiped away. Then the author takes the audience to an all animals representative meet held in the forest where we could witness – very soar opinions of the human beings except dogs (may be they couldn’t stand abusing their masters). Was enthused and stood there till the end of the meeting. 

In the middle one can hear the opinions. Horse opined that he could foresee this fate of the arrogant egoistic human beings whenever he went to war front with them; while monkey was damn angry for calling them forefathers of such a cheap breed like human beings. King Lion said he kills only and only when he is hunger struck unlike human beings who kills his fellow men for no good reasons, to reign over, or to satisfy their ego, supremacy, money… reasons many..

That’s when cobra entered and not to be left behind he too put his opinion forward. He said, “Less talked about this human breed better. God bestowed more capabilities tho them in terms of budhi, shakti, vivek and what not; but he misused everything to satisfy his ego, greed etc., even virus he only made to see his enemies down so that  for the perpetuator he will remain the “one” who can rule the roost. Unanimously the animals  echoed the  one “Stupid Specie” in the universe  is the human beings…. 

Now the animals are having their last laugh as the entire world is left for them to enjoy a long pending freedom…we are seeing wild animals on seashore, on roads many places – no sound, no vehicles, no pollution….perfect surrounding for these rightful inhabitants whom, we the people considered fit only for zoo….

By A fellow Stupid Specie Madhu K Nair….25th March 2020

Same Wine in New Label: Minority appeasement “my way”

So perhaps this is why the proverbial hornet’s nest was stirred up a bit recently when   I was just listening to Union Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s vision of his department for this new term. I was stunned when I listened to his vision…

Modernisation of Madrassas..!!!!  Training madrassa teachers and students with special courses, launching separate schemes for “minority” students to make them better in competitive exams, then some investment in waqf (I didn’t listen properly) and there were few more not so relevant as the above. Oh, sorry I forgot about the Crores of scholarships for students of the minority communities.

If I consolidate the above into a theme, it is clear-cut focus on facilitating the betterment of the minority community. I was confused is it not the very policy of the erstwhile governments which the Jan sangh/BJP were dead against and fought tooth and nail through decades? To me it was outrageous for a BJP government to do this to its core group.

Let me understand first, how can minorityism NOT okay when practiced or imposed by Congress and how can the same BE okay if the same is practiced by BJP?? It is just not alright to run schemes running into few thousands of crores in the name minority appeasement when the same or similar are not available to our own Hindu brethren. It is neither ordinary nor acceptable. Should I ask, is it a bribe to get hands down support from Muslims for Triple Talaq, Ram Mandir, or even bigger than the above two the ‘Uniform Civil Code’.  If so, I can bet they will ditch at the very appropriate and crucial time.

In any case it is a religion driven policy is my first take. How can anyone, for that matter, accept ‘Sectarianism’ as a state policy? Compare it with what the party and its core values stood for all these years.  Please be aware that you’ve received so many votes for that stance you took from the inception of the Bharatiya Jan Sangh. And I am sure that a sizeable section of the voters, voted for BJP because for them it is an important issue. Congress-Mukt Bharat is a good idea not doubt. But when your mind-set is indulging in the same congress mind-set without any re-calibrations, I have my apprehensions too.

Borrowing from another wise head, “If you sow the seeds of separatism, you can’t expect to reap the fruits of inclusion.”

If we are to put ourselves in the shoes of the BJP, here’s what we’d say – “Congress-mukt Bharat is all well and good, but what is more important is Congress-mukt mind-set”. I honestly hope that BJP remain a BJP for decades to come without changing into BJC (Bharatiya Janata Congress) looking at the way horses traded from there.  The Congress has been playing minority politics for far too long, so the BJP would do well, now, to steer clear of that. In that lies its well being of the party as well as the praja.

Madhu K. Nair [27/06/2019]

The EVANGELISTS & Their India Activities.

To me colonialism is not yet finished; it is now prevailing and has taken a new more sophisticated form. Means, effectively missionary activities are a tool and support for colonial expansion, which they still believe in their abilities to achieve.

Remember, the Catholic archdiocese of the Indian capital has launched a year-long campaign of prayer and fasting in view of next year general elections, saying India faces a turbulent political future that threatens the country’s democracy. So, what is the need?  In a pastoral letter read out in all the parishes of Delhi Archdiocese on Sunday, May 13, Archbishop Anil Couto called on Catholics to start a campaign of prayer and fasting on Friday ahead of elections in April or May 2019.

“As we look forward towards 2019 when we will have a new government, let us begin a prayer campaign for our country”.  The five-year term of the government led by the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) ends in May 2019.

Typically since last few years, a new mood of aggressive evangelism has been emanating from America. No dearth of fund, highest level of network, backed by the highest (?) of the world order, with zero moral supremacy, has set its eyes on India was either not understood by the rulers here or they connived with it for their vested interests too. Imagine a president himself who is hell bent on religious expansion, corporations of multi-million/billion, access to highest level of technology, network across the globe, a grand but clandestine mission topped of all the above with an invocation from the so called bible. This was real and the target was India…  this exactly reminded me is part of Joshua Project –II. Not very thorough with the contents; but I am sure with whatever I read it is globalisation of evangelism with India and Asia as specific targets/modes and modus operandi.

 The scale and free resources for religious expansion have never witnessed this magnitude, as we saw the American evangelical agencies established large scale, widely co-ordinated and a well strategised religious conversion plan. The aggressive evangelists could find pro-active support from this end also many times to concert some sections of Indian society to Christianity of their denomination. Convert locals, give them the know-how and money to plant their own churches and keep multiplying the members. Exactly,  go to many parts of Kerala to day it is happening in massive scale. Not to mention Tamil Nadu, which is already, witnessing large-scale activities of the kind and Tamil Nadu for that matter is way ahead of Kerala in religious conversions.

 They have divided up castes in India as clusters and plan to set up churches everywhere to persuade and convert. This is beyond racist. This is evil and will change the very fabric of India bringing more social discord. And this exactly is the target of the west on their plan India. So much of interference on India, imagine the plight of many projects in this country that is either not allowed to take off or closed down at later date. Each of this is an achievement of one or other NGO. Who funds this NGO? Who don’t want India to rise to the front lines? And finally who is scared of a “developed India”?  All of us with average brain know who that big brother is…

 If the freedom of practicing any religion of choice is enshrined in the constitution, the same constitution do not allow you encroach into another religion – especially the majority rooted community of this country –  more so when it is proved to be  a targeted attempt to desecrate the demographics and to destabilize a region. Mind it these religions have strong political agenda more than any religious salvation.   And also be well understood that “American missionaries are NO LESS FUNDAMENTALISTS”. They are rather as fanatics as that of another form of ISIS. Be it Christian Evangelists or be it Muslims, they have identified vulnerable clusters – pincode wise –  and deploy men and money to accomplish their mission. And mind it, this is happening without any deviation from their masters wish.

Long back I happened to read elsewhere that the regime of George Bush was too much supportive of large-scale conversions in Asian countries in general and India in particular. Specifically cow-belt as the bottom half of the country is found susceptible to their kind of conversions since long.    Funding is organised in so many ways – even one suspect the corporate funding by the likes of US Corporate biggies – may be camouflaged to divert to NGOs for the above activities too.  OMG, if I am to understand it correctly, the plan was something similar to a military model with intent to invade, occupy, control or subjugate the population. Exactly modern methods of what British did to us 2 centuries back. For this they use every data available to them or even surreptitiously collect it through means such as FB/Google etc.,. It brought together a wide variety of individuals and organisations, under the single goal of achieving “a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000.”

Better “WE” be careful…and guarded too…

Madhu K. Nair [23rd June 2018]

I never stop dreaming….because sometimes I feel I am dreaming…!!!!

In our Modi’s second term – and for that matter much more firm in the saddle –  personally I think there are areas critically important to sustain if the party really want to re-write  the India that is to a Bharat that was. And for this, clean washing of Macaulay mindset  is the single  agenda above every other things; means starting from curriculum because for India this Macaulay virus has been working uninterruptedly for more than 2 centuries.  Now, at least we have a anti-virus for this after such long wait in the form of a Nationalistic government.

Create world class schools with world class teachers with human touch from lesser known cities. This only can create citizens of class and competence. Promoting with 20% or no percent marks by virtue of so and so caste will not. We have to make the backwards compete with the affluent class kids then only the society will REALLY change. I can vouch the even less than pathetic conditions of schools and even more pathetic teachers (so called) teaching those children. The “Macauley’s Literacy mission” should be immediately replaced by Bharat’s “Educate mission”.

Next is re-inventing dignity of work.  If dignity in every job is assured I think society will be little more beautiful and people will find the social environment more friendlier which in turn will give better outputs.

The foundation of MSME sector needs lot and lot of strengthening through outright amendments from the governing rules to definitions to handhold to lending institutions. One should mind, this is the largest sector that gives employment and if this is strengthened no govt will need to rob the Toms (the tax payer) to subsidise the Peters (the minimum job guarantee is a mockery of human being – at least in states like Kerala). {150 days min job, which is, do nothing and claim from the respective panchayat offices or wherever, rupee 1 or 2 per kg. rice and 30 odd kgs per whatever, then all these 6000/ or 72000 or 78000 nonsenses.  If cadre based parties are ruling then all these benefits will go to the cadres and their near ones.} MSME is the noblest sector because, majority who are employed by this sector is from the uneducated class who within few months become semi-skilled from unskilled and another few months become skilled on respective trades. Now, think who is the real catalyst in the stand up or skill India or so many other musical phrases coined of late though this has been happening silently since decades.

No places of worship are poor now (because that was a pretext for laying hands on the temples management by erstwhile governments). Ask the communities to manage their own; whichever is the religion or community. Prayer is not like a job guarantee. Hindus has the largest asset base since centuries because of the Hindu way of economic considerations, welfare state (Praja first policy of olden days) added with the mindset of being Hindu, which is pleasure of giving.

Without weighing whose perception is what, the real culprits has to be pushed behind bars. Be it any family. Without doing that in spite of ample evidences deporting “balle”s of one Mallya here, One Nirav modi there, one naresh goyal (how silly it say about our system, when an officer say there was some spelling mistake in the name hence Goyal could pass through the immigration) here doesn’t mean anything. We allow the gandhis, chidambarams, pawars and many likes to be the kings and kingmakers. Strong actions against this breed will not only send right signals to the domestic voters, but also to the global pimps who eagerly wait to indulge in many matters effecting our country unscrupulously.

Let’s have a presidential form of government by 2029 if possible. All elements will be happy in their respective federal states managing their own business. People will know exactly who is responsible for their welfare /miseries. And the country head will have more time to contain and   configure the boundaries of our land, exchequer, the men in uniforms and a couple areas associated with it.

There are many more, but these 3-4 things if attacked totally and sincerely Modi or Modivian will be the model of governance for the next 20-30 years.

None of the above should be with an explicit target on votes; If these are implemented wholeheartedly, I bet, the election expenses also can be diverted to welfare measures of or citizens.

So I feel…

Madhu K Nair [29th May 2019]

Determined to Win – the Willpower

The WILLPOWER (the ability  to  control your own  thoughts  and  behaviour, especially in difficult  situations is it if I understand the meaning correctly)  in us only can determine our growth. Will power will force you put constant effort which inturn yield consistent  and quality outcome.                             

When any organisation takes birth, everyone associated with the opening ceremony including the chief guest will be having many questions – what were you doing?, where is the money from? Manpower? How many will be benefited? Capex?How did you manage to get funds? Do you have connections? Etc. rarely will anyone ask what exactly prompted you to venture into? So, “The Passion” which drove the person is neither seen,  under-stood  or recognised, though it is that Passion which make an organisation to stand up.  

And then sometimes, few of them hits the roadblock, and falls down. Since then it is the Will power of the person(s) behind that venture who determines whether the organisation will bounce back or perish forever. 

In a company or say corporate, “WILL” means the Will of the individual who leads the organisation. In many cases, the lieutenants too stand by to force a productive outcome through collective WILL of the organisation.

OK, logically speaking collective will seems more plausible, but does not sound practical as there are many ifs and buts. That’s my experience- especially in my enterprise although I enjoyed working with collective will in couple projects earlier as a lieutenant. 

One underlying assumption in building this thesis is, individuals working in corporates (only corporate, not social, not political etc) work for money and it’s the single largest factor directing their immediate behavior & results.

A Promoter or CEO of a business have great Willpower and that’s why they have hit success and stood an unpredictable client driven market. But still Organizations are where they are, some like me not getting it right. 

Now here’s  where difference arises, collective Will of all employees of Organization. 

In our case I can unhesitatingly say that we had individuals at top position with high passion & high willpower. But then the next line of managers and executors didn’t measure up to be a actual support to their seniors.That’s where the problem starts creeping in. Sometimes for some second level to act with passion can prove detrimental be cause such employees may likely to get tagged as STUBBORN and this will blunt their movement in hierarchy by his/her own superior.

Actually I think that there is no much difference between stubborn & determined? 

As long as I am able to steer a stubborn person’s energies in a manner which can yield positive results, that will make a  DETERMINED individual out of a stubborn one.

So effectively speaking, it is now proved to me that Passion can help you start, it can help you in course correction; But it’s one’s will that can keep you going, keep you focused and help you to achieve. In life of  entrepreneurs there comes a time where they taste failure, when inner self and everybody around them calls for quitting and their hopes dashed. Then,  only ONE’S WILL comes to rescue and keeps one going and finally succeed in most of the cases. That achievement or the sense of Self-fulfillment is higher than any reward in the whole world.

At last, WILL to do things comes only with a sense of ownership, freedom to be creative, to operate, to choose and to work. That’s why one can always see a very highly regimented or closely monitored forces don’t perform (exceptions forgive) well in longer run. 

If a team can be given just enough   Elbow room to work within Organisational Objectives the Organisation will become Invincible sooner than expected. 

Mistakes and pitfalls do teach you better lessons than the scripts…

Madhu K Nair [17/4/2019]

CAST BASED RESERVATIONS for a Developing country: Boon or Bane?

We are said to be living in a free country and this freedom is said to be a gift of democracy to us. And it is also claimed that this democratic form of governance was opted by the leaders of Inter National Congress (INC) who claims that it is they and THEY ALONE who got freedom for then 32 odd crores of consolidated Indians.   Our Constitution gives us the right to freedom and most importantly to exercise this freedom in an equitable manner. Thus the Govt. of the day is duty bound to ensure equality in all sections of the society. However from day one the single biggest roadblock to “this equality” is created, maintained and advanced by the same rulers in the form of Reservations. 

India being a developing nation since last 50 odd years is currently facing many challenges and the reservation system being one of them. Where I have my own reservations on the subject is (i) did the reservation system what “they” thought will bring equality in a time bound manner has failed (ii) or did the manner in which it was implemented failed or did the very system was grossly misused to further selfish motives and thus killed the very purpose? These questions crops up within me very often because the downtrodden remains at the same ratios even today i.e. after 70 odd years of administering the wonderful medicine “reservation”. I have one simple question too. When a well to do friend comes to your home do you or your family members ask him/her/them to sit outside the veranda or you escort them to your lavishly furnished living room? While doing so do you bother about cast? At the same time if an economically downtrodden comes home do you give them the same treatment or you get rid of them at the earliest from the gate itself? If this is so is CAST the villain or THE ECONOMIC well being? 

Someone will argue the reservation system finds its origin in the age-old caste system of India. It is absolute lie fabricated, nurtured, tutored to the pliable ones and then spread with adequate doses of poison to slaughter this strong country into pieces by the deadly combo of Vatican and maos (if you go by real history and chronology of events). The caste system in India before the advent of these white skins was meant to divide people only on the basis of their occupation like teaching and preaching (Brahmins), kingship and war (Kshatriya) and lastly business(vaish) etc. but soon it became an instrument to divide the society on caste and they hit wedges to create further sub-casts and  created various walls between different sections of the society. Few of our kings and powerful people attracted to wine, women and other luxury gadgets fell prey into their hands and they became the tools of the white to kill an otherwise peaceful society. They successfully divided people vertically and horizontally into Hindu, Muslim, SC, ST & OBCs with newer reservations coming up for other different sections of the society like Christians, Kashmiris, Jats, Kashmiri Pandits, Tribals etc. The funniest thing of late is some of them already enjoying the reservations want a slice of the 10% now designated for the economically backward class.

Any person with reasonable common sense should understand that the reservation system was a design from the board of white skin to permanently mutilate this country before they were forced to leave the shores forever. It is they who induced their thesis into the minds of those in the economically weaker strata and succeeded in convincing them that  “it is their cast being discriminated and thus they are deliberately bereft of riches”. Thus a dirty, poisonous and uncivilised kind of caste system was created (imaginary) and further succeeded in convincing the world that “INDIA IS” full of this distorted caste system and the white skins contributing to make a modern India. They could use the very party they found to divide India (congress) through their cronies. And now they themselves (while dolling out the so-called independence) rooted the idea of “reservation” system, which could permanently see their dream accomplished – that is an underdeveloped India forever. So, in short, it is we who need to understand that the advantage of caste based reservation system in any country is to only divide the society leading to discrimination and conflicts between different sections life long. This reservation system that is practiced in this country since 70 years is both oppressive and baseless. It is actually the antithesis of a community living.

Many people point their finger to the Mandal commission. Recently I curiously tried to understand little bit of the basis of this commission. The Mandal commission was established in 1979 by Morarji government to identify the socially or educationally backward people across all sections of the population. The commission was mandated to use social, economic and educational indicators to determine the backwardness.  But TODAY, IS THE RESERVATIONS USED CONSIDERING THE ABOVE CRITERIA?  NO AND NOT AT ALL. It is used ONLY for Political furtherance of political outfits led by ruthlessly selfish and self-centred leaders.  I do agree that equality of opportunities is very important and should be properly and adequately ensured. At the same time one cannot appoint a DIVER in Navy by only reading “equality of opportunities” and not considering the candidate knows swimming or not. A friend of mine who is from legal community was telling me once that “our constitution is reservation-friendly, no doubt – but nowhere in the constitution is the term ”backward classes” is defined…

Therefore, reservation should be purely on the basis of the economical conditions of an applicant and nothing else should come in. If the current format is allowed for few more years, the country will fall into utter chaos because today anyone with reasonable common sense (not education) can see that every other politician (from any party or any layer) use this tool to further their own political fortunes. Nobody from any party want to study why this system failed after 70 years of independence? Wrong system in the hands of worse human beings is the only reason.

Now my questions are —-

  1. Why is that no party ever made education mandatory & free till the age of 15 irrespective of the caste, creed, gender etc.,
  2. Study only what they NEED to study after the basics are over say around 5th or 7th class.
  3. Schools give additional tuition support to the weaker sections where home support is not available, so that they too cope up with other brighter students any class in competition. With NO fee..
  4. Why can’t every school be equally good so that there is no added attraction for private institutions, church/temple/mosque run schools.
  5. Why not allow the kids to appear for 10th or 12th grades public exams and other professional course entrance exams directly ( I mean without any institution or school name behind them) if they fulfil certain pre-determined criteria.
  6. And lastly inspite of all above, if reservation is needed (I don’t think needed) why it should not be on exclusively on economic well being basis.

Unless the children of “so-called” backward categories are parted with best of best education under strictest and ruthless supervision, how do you expect them to measure up to the needs of whatever profession they are likely to enter in future years. And if only a piece of trash paper issued by some deemed or otherwise university added with reservation comes as the criteria, how do you expect the candidate to deliver what he/she is supposed to deliver.

 It is time to question; and if we fail to question and we too fall prey to caste community language relation etc., in electing the rulers, we will doing a great injustice to the so-called backward class people and will be left backward for 100 more years. Added with creating animosity among one community against other on the basis of deprivations.

At some point decide to remove all the columns/boxes indicating caste/religion/subcaste etc, from every record starting from birth certificate to death certificate. Na rahega baans; na rahega baansuri.

Reservations neither support development nor equality in any country – leave alone ours like diverse countries. Remove the word reservation. Create the word support to provide aid to those don’t have adequate resources. Merit should be the criterion and not cast and community.  And whenever we are successful in removing all discriminations related to caste/religion etc, only two classes will be visible and easily identifiable. “The Rich” and “The Poor”. Make it easy for the administration to pool the first one to help the second one.

I know it is easy SAID than DONE. Yes at this juncture it will be real pain to make them realise…..but then we have to use the affluent class from the same communities to tell them reservations are not a BOON, and convince the injustice we are meting to the future generations because of reservations.

Madhu K Nair [21-03-2018]

Seven decades after independence… every govt. failed in cultivating its citizens…

Reservation in India will always be a tool at the hands of every political outfit. Deficiencies will outweigh the advantages that are preached more often by the politicians of all colours. Political parties use reservation as their vote bank rather than uplifting the downtrodden/needy class. Because once the class is uplifted to the average levels, they will use their own wisdom to decide rather than following some stupid one blindly. Being tagged a developing country for the past 4 or 5 decades, every student, professional, employee and for that matter politicians included are facing the dirty face of a phenomenon called “Reservations” in its “distorted” form.

The architect of our constitution, Dr. Ambedkar while framing the constitution recommended reservations for under privileged class so that they too get better education irrespective of their affordability & better opportunities so as to match with their counter parts of upper class thus bringing a near equal economical and social status within a fixed period of time. This he envisaged to get to near evenness within 10 years – or suggested to review the equality quotient at the end of 10 years and if need be extend it by 10 more years and by no means beyond that. As a visionary he was more than convinced that within a maximum of 20 years the country can get rid of the classism and all can get on with the mainstream

However, the meaning of reservation has changed forever. Reservation in India today are used by politicians for their party’s benefits in various manners that are sometimes difficult to express on a public forum like this. Politian will never like to reverse this system; rather they may be happy extending it time and again. Undue concessions from admissions to educational institutions to promotions in higher positions and appointments to political posts all will keep this system going rather than terminating. Imagine the plight of those with better score and eligibility being deprived of getting admissions to better institutions. Imagine about the frustration of the very hardworking and deserving employee failing to move upwards because of his/her caste/religion or community.   And the funny thing is a protected community candidate with better credentials can apply in both in reserved as well as general category thus further limiting the numbers of the general ones. Even Babasaheb will feel bad if he see how his noble suggestion has been distorted to take petty benefits by political parties.   After seeing the agitations in north India and Maharashtra in the recent past, I think India must be the only country where people want to acquire “Backward” status.

Economically and socially we can divide our Indian society in many classes. Imagine the plight of those upper caste people with low or medium income. They will be most suffering lot and thus frustrated too. They neither have the wherewithal to basic needs beginning from education nor the protective cover of reservation. It’s a bane for them. Now take the case of high and medium income groups from the lower caste/community or religion; they have all amenities for peanuts or free giving them the luxury of leading a fabulous lifestyle. It’s an extra boon for them. So, to be truthful to what the great Dr. Babasaheb has prescribed one should look at multiple approaches as I feel. All said, I am not saying remove reservation completely. Bring reservations for economically backward, physically or mentally challenged ones, soldier’s families, senior citizens and finally forced migrants. Let it not be enforced based on caste/religion, minority/majority as it is happening now and causing a major hitch in all-round development. Remove social stigmas to be addressed through very strict laws. Remove the column for surname, caste/subcaste, religion etc., from every form in the country. Let there be no open indication of who belong to what caste or community.

Seven decades gone, if the government can’t think on bringing in these kind of progressive changes in the system, I don’t think we can ever call the country is progressing. In pursuit of such changes, reservation system is the first an foremost to be looked upon and bring drastic changes.

The minimum what we can give the future generations is “Teach them what Equality actually means; rather than sowing the seeds of animosity”.


Madhu K. Nair [10th August 2018]

Banking For All… and this piece is for all those…

…..who will become a member of some decision making body sooner or later. I may not be around when it will happen; but i am sure someone will do justice and many will enjoy and appreciate.

When an ENTREPRENEUR fail to pay dues for 90 days, HE/SHE turns a Non-Performer while in sleep and the very first message that wake you up on 91st morning will be “Your account is classified NPA” instead of a Good Morning from any dear one.  If, for he/she self-esteem is of any value till then it is erased forever, then on they no more “live” they just exist to comply. I am still trying to understand what is this sanctity of 90 days and why is it not 120/180 or 30/60 for that matter.

Whereas, when the bank sit on the file for months (even more than an year) together (1) never assigning a valid reason for delay and  (2) never communicating anything in writing (3) use every excuse like school going kids for each day’s /week’s /month’s delays and most audaciously committing every time (Of course, verbally) “just a week or 2 more”, they are pushing an entrepreneur to shoot self leaving hundreds (sometimes thousands) of its employees thrown on the road.  What a justice? Particularly to a sector that employs maximum uneducated people and converts them to skilled and semi-skilled people since last 5 or more decades – much before our current PM picked the spelling of SKILL and started talking about skill development as if it was his invention.

When will the bankers realise they are earning and dealing with money that belongs to the same people whom they harass. When will they also realize that the huge pilferages they allow to happen or happen due to their inefficiency or under the pretext of ऊपरवाला का आदेश था also belong to these very people whom a chance to survive is more often denied.

The minimum courtesy these banks can show is tell the promoter upfront “sorry, we may not consider your request and you may look for alternatives”…,
The promoter will not indulge in short term financial adventures like borrowing outside for few days – mostly to save the account from damages – thus getting caught in a web of damaged account, regular creditors and sundry lenders. This happens to mostly MSME entrepreneurs only. Others are above laws.

Laws should be always humane;  to nurture & safeguard not for killing…. But I believe that our banking laws are in  the hands of such  babus who can’t even interpret a line properly and that inability to interpret, indifference to the situational demand and most self centric consideration while taking decisions can determine the fate of the livelihood of hundreds and thousands.

Madhu K Nair [18th March 2018]

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Thomson Reuters – the world’s largest news and (mis)information providers through their social arm TR Foundation conducts survey in India of its livability quotient and found that “India is among the most dangerous countries for women to live in”. This is only tip of the subversive activities done by many NGOs fathered and foster fathered by white-skinned rascals. Just see the audacity; in a country of 1.3+ billion where the women population alone is double or more than the total population of many advanced countries, these stupids took a sample survey of 548 and reached a conclusion. Probably TR Foundation might have sampled from convents in Kerala/India.  And there are Jaichands in this nation to debate this report on every Jaichand channels unashamedly distorting the reality to suit their narrative.

In short I would say, again this campaign should have been anticipated and checkmated from the day we got power. These should have been given priority in good governance. Because the tolerant group will not allow you to govern should have been anticipated well in advance.

As such, I am one among many who, firmly believe that all NGOs including the likes of NHRC should be thoroughly investigated of the people headinG these organizations, their antecedents  and their revenues/expenses. I am sure to find startling revelations. UNHRC and anything related UN has to be biased so the lesser said on them the better. NGOs used for subverting “The Bharat” are pre-dominantly funded by those who are “friends of India” through their various Front organisations/foundations.

Congressmen can neither assimilate the ideology of nationalism nor they can sit without power – direct or surruopteous. Remember there was a time where police verification for Govt jobs revolved around  “whether or not member of RSS”. Should we now replace RSS with Congress after seeing the open anti national activities of senior Congis..within and outside the country?

We should make the common man see the real Jaichands and modern day version of Jaichands in the form of John Dayals, Iyers, Salmans, Chopdas, Pranoys, Barkhas, Sardesais, Kanhaiyas, Khalids…. It is endless

Many times I think we should ignore these reports because they do it deliberately to provoke or creating a narrative against the rulers and thus get credence….

Madhu K Nair (Nagpur)

sent to the editor of “Organiser”

De-Coding Anti Modi Alliance

Appreciate Editor’s attempt to decode the anti-Modi alliance. But don’t you think more than decoding it is re-visiting the anti modi alliance that has been prevailing since may be 2012 when the early inklings of his name likely to be propped up for the PM’s position started surfacing.

The re-opening of Isharat case to begin with and the several CMs of the country came out with statements and even the “grapevine”(?) stating a small group of anti modi within the party itself working….to me all these were anti-modi allianace. It is the BJP who is probably refusing to accept that there is forces within and outside the country who want Modi out. You may take satisfaction of making all other political parties financially poor; but I believe these parties will still find money to pursue their agenda set by those sitting outside the country. Trust me, the target of the forces is not just Modi as a PM; but their target is the”the Modi” who is the only one currently seen as the spoiler of the designs of Big Brother countries to somehow stop India from (1) advancing in self-reliance (2) being aggressive with wrong doing neighbours and finally asserting its position in the world order. NGO money pouring into this country from – everyone knows who – our friend America pump the highest amount and this money come with specific targets that ranges from conversions to religious intolerant activities to espionages to spying to stop new projects, to raise environmental issues (non-existant) and what not…

It is high time BJP and its seniors realise that first priority  should have been re-inforcing the party as “The” most reliable one for which – if needed – some elements will have to be controlled, at least during the first innings or else you are likely to lose the fence sitters and these are not small percentage. Secondly, they should pick the right reasons that cost them the seats during the just concluded round of parliament elections. I believe, there is more to look within than the alliance theory.  Also realise, that the other states that you think will compensate in 2019 such as Odissa, Kerala, AP etc., can surprise a jolt as these are most unpredictable voters historically.

The young appears to be little disillusioned as I see it… there is hardly 10 months more to regain their confidence…

Madhu K. Nair (Nagpur)

[This was a letter to the editor or “Organiser” ]