CAST BASED RESERVATIONS for a Developing country: Boon or Bane?

We are said to be living in a free country and this freedom is said to be a gift of democracy to us. And it is also claimed that this democratic form of governance was opted by the leaders of Inter National Congress (INC) who claims that it is they and THEY ALONE who got freedom for then 32 odd crores of consolidated Indians.   Our Constitution gives us the right to freedom and most importantly to exercise this freedom in an equitable manner. Thus the Govt. of the day is duty bound to ensure equality in all sections of the society. However from day one the single biggest roadblock to “this equality” is created, maintained and advanced by the same rulers in the form of Reservations. 

India being a developing nation since last 50 odd years is currently facing many challenges and the reservation system being one of them. Where I have my own reservations on the subject is (i) did the reservation system what “they” thought will bring equality in a time bound manner has failed (ii) or did the manner in which it was implemented failed or did the very system was grossly misused to further selfish motives and thus killed the very purpose? These questions crops up within me very often because the downtrodden remains at the same ratios even today i.e. after 70 odd years of administering the wonderful medicine “reservation”. I have one simple question too. When a well to do friend comes to your home do you or your family members ask him/her/them to sit outside the veranda or you escort them to your lavishly furnished living room? While doing so do you bother about cast? At the same time if an economically downtrodden comes home do you give them the same treatment or you get rid of them at the earliest from the gate itself? If this is so is CAST the villain or THE ECONOMIC well being? 

Someone will argue the reservation system finds its origin in the age-old caste system of India. It is absolute lie fabricated, nurtured, tutored to the pliable ones and then spread with adequate doses of poison to slaughter this strong country into pieces by the deadly combo of Vatican and maos (if you go by real history and chronology of events). The caste system in India before the advent of these white skins was meant to divide people only on the basis of their occupation like teaching and preaching (Brahmins), kingship and war (Kshatriya) and lastly business(vaish) etc. but soon it became an instrument to divide the society on caste and they hit wedges to create further sub-casts and  created various walls between different sections of the society. Few of our kings and powerful people attracted to wine, women and other luxury gadgets fell prey into their hands and they became the tools of the white to kill an otherwise peaceful society. They successfully divided people vertically and horizontally into Hindu, Muslim, SC, ST & OBCs with newer reservations coming up for other different sections of the society like Christians, Kashmiris, Jats, Kashmiri Pandits, Tribals etc. The funniest thing of late is some of them already enjoying the reservations want a slice of the 10% now designated for the economically backward class.

Any person with reasonable common sense should understand that the reservation system was a design from the board of white skin to permanently mutilate this country before they were forced to leave the shores forever. It is they who induced their thesis into the minds of those in the economically weaker strata and succeeded in convincing them that  “it is their cast being discriminated and thus they are deliberately bereft of riches”. Thus a dirty, poisonous and uncivilised kind of caste system was created (imaginary) and further succeeded in convincing the world that “INDIA IS” full of this distorted caste system and the white skins contributing to make a modern India. They could use the very party they found to divide India (congress) through their cronies. And now they themselves (while dolling out the so-called independence) rooted the idea of “reservation” system, which could permanently see their dream accomplished – that is an underdeveloped India forever. So, in short, it is we who need to understand that the advantage of caste based reservation system in any country is to only divide the society leading to discrimination and conflicts between different sections life long. This reservation system that is practiced in this country since 70 years is both oppressive and baseless. It is actually the antithesis of a community living.

Many people point their finger to the Mandal commission. Recently I curiously tried to understand little bit of the basis of this commission. The Mandal commission was established in 1979 by Morarji government to identify the socially or educationally backward people across all sections of the population. The commission was mandated to use social, economic and educational indicators to determine the backwardness.  But TODAY, IS THE RESERVATIONS USED CONSIDERING THE ABOVE CRITERIA?  NO AND NOT AT ALL. It is used ONLY for Political furtherance of political outfits led by ruthlessly selfish and self-centred leaders.  I do agree that equality of opportunities is very important and should be properly and adequately ensured. At the same time one cannot appoint a DIVER in Navy by only reading “equality of opportunities” and not considering the candidate knows swimming or not. A friend of mine who is from legal community was telling me once that “our constitution is reservation-friendly, no doubt – but nowhere in the constitution is the term ”backward classes” is defined…

Therefore, reservation should be purely on the basis of the economical conditions of an applicant and nothing else should come in. If the current format is allowed for few more years, the country will fall into utter chaos because today anyone with reasonable common sense (not education) can see that every other politician (from any party or any layer) use this tool to further their own political fortunes. Nobody from any party want to study why this system failed after 70 years of independence? Wrong system in the hands of worse human beings is the only reason.

Now my questions are —-

  1. Why is that no party ever made education mandatory & free till the age of 15 irrespective of the caste, creed, gender etc.,
  2. Study only what they NEED to study after the basics are over say around 5th or 7th class.
  3. Schools give additional tuition support to the weaker sections where home support is not available, so that they too cope up with other brighter students any class in competition. With NO fee..
  4. Why can’t every school be equally good so that there is no added attraction for private institutions, church/temple/mosque run schools.
  5. Why not allow the kids to appear for 10th or 12th grades public exams and other professional course entrance exams directly ( I mean without any institution or school name behind them) if they fulfil certain pre-determined criteria.
  6. And lastly inspite of all above, if reservation is needed (I don’t think needed) why it should not be on exclusively on economic well being basis.

Unless the children of “so-called” backward categories are parted with best of best education under strictest and ruthless supervision, how do you expect them to measure up to the needs of whatever profession they are likely to enter in future years. And if only a piece of trash paper issued by some deemed or otherwise university added with reservation comes as the criteria, how do you expect the candidate to deliver what he/she is supposed to deliver.

 It is time to question; and if we fail to question and we too fall prey to caste community language relation etc., in electing the rulers, we will doing a great injustice to the so-called backward class people and will be left backward for 100 more years. Added with creating animosity among one community against other on the basis of deprivations.

At some point decide to remove all the columns/boxes indicating caste/religion/subcaste etc, from every record starting from birth certificate to death certificate. Na rahega baans; na rahega baansuri.

Reservations neither support development nor equality in any country – leave alone ours like diverse countries. Remove the word reservation. Create the word support to provide aid to those don’t have adequate resources. Merit should be the criterion and not cast and community.  And whenever we are successful in removing all discriminations related to caste/religion etc, only two classes will be visible and easily identifiable. “The Rich” and “The Poor”. Make it easy for the administration to pool the first one to help the second one.

I know it is easy SAID than DONE. Yes at this juncture it will be real pain to make them realise…..but then we have to use the affluent class from the same communities to tell them reservations are not a BOON, and convince the injustice we are meting to the future generations because of reservations.

Madhu K Nair [21-03-2018]

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