Banking For All… and this piece is for all those…

…..who will become a member of some decision making body sooner or later. I may not be around when it will happen; but i am sure someone will do justice and many will enjoy and appreciate.

When an ENTREPRENEUR fail to pay dues for 90 days, HE/SHE turns a Non-Performer while in sleep and the very first message that wake you up on 91st morning will be “Your account is classified NPA” instead of a Good Morning from any dear one.  If, for he/she self-esteem is of any value till then it is erased forever, then on they no more “live” they just exist to comply. I am still trying to understand what is this sanctity of 90 days and why is it not 120/180 or 30/60 for that matter.

Whereas, when the bank sit on the file for months (even more than an year) together (1) never assigning a valid reason for delay and  (2) never communicating anything in writing (3) use every excuse like school going kids for each day’s /week’s /month’s delays and most audaciously committing every time (Of course, verbally) “just a week or 2 more”, they are pushing an entrepreneur to shoot self leaving hundreds (sometimes thousands) of its employees thrown on the road.  What a justice? Particularly to a sector that employs maximum uneducated people and converts them to skilled and semi-skilled people since last 5 or more decades – much before our current PM picked the spelling of SKILL and started talking about skill development as if it was his invention.

When will the bankers realise they are earning and dealing with money that belongs to the same people whom they harass. When will they also realize that the huge pilferages they allow to happen or happen due to their inefficiency or under the pretext of ऊपरवाला का आदेश था also belong to these very people whom a chance to survive is more often denied.

The minimum courtesy these banks can show is tell the promoter upfront “sorry, we may not consider your request and you may look for alternatives”…,
The promoter will not indulge in short term financial adventures like borrowing outside for few days – mostly to save the account from damages – thus getting caught in a web of damaged account, regular creditors and sundry lenders. This happens to mostly MSME entrepreneurs only. Others are above laws.

Laws should be always humane;  to nurture & safeguard not for killing…. But I believe that our banking laws are in  the hands of such  babus who can’t even interpret a line properly and that inability to interpret, indifference to the situational demand and most self centric consideration while taking decisions can determine the fate of the livelihood of hundreds and thousands.

Madhu K Nair [18th March 2018]

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