It is high time for the Indians in general and students in particular to come out and debate whether or not we are matured enough to handle the campus politics. I for one do not think we are, and more so as you see things that are happening in various campuses in the past few months.

India predominantly has been a corrupt country in every sphere since the English occupied this country and they ensured – while giving independence(?) – to continue their systems through their proxy governments in the country for the past 6 odd decades. This allowed every institutions of the country, which include educational ones to contaminate the atmosphere with distorted versions of history authored by paid goons (conveniently titled as “historians”) to a variety of student unions.

Since mid sixties itself these unions started infiltrating local gundas inside the campuses during the elections. Next is politicians with that dirty white clothes started openly campaigning and involving the students in every wrong doings including heinous crimes. By and large it was understandable since mid sixties itself that the front line political parties (those days Congis and Commis) are moulding future politicians – not administrators or governors – who according to these outfits should be sheer gundas and nothing more than that.

Now, student politics on Indian campuses has more to do with politics and very little with students. Those vocal about politics on campus quoted instances from history as to how student politics churned up great leaders with great understanding of democracy and awareness of human rights. Both these words “democracy and human rights” are proving to be ridiculous for this literate but idiotic country. Democracy – we are not matured enough to understand the very meaning; leave alone handling it. Human Rights – are the rights as understood by different political class and has nothing to do with actual rights of being a human.
Last couple of decades, campus politics too is seen spending lakhs of rupees and they are in news for every wrong reasons such as intimidation, violence, strikes, threatening, kidnap, rape, drugs….name an evil and it is there in campuses. Especially Delhi & Kolkata has been in the news for all these wrong reasons. So, the very purpose of a healthy student union in a campus has been systemically killed and radicalised to further the selfish interests of leaders who do not have mass behind them but have masters outside the boundary of the country. I have many times seen elected student leaders behaving more like ministers with many bouncers surrounding them and I even heard that these so-called leaders are not even approachable to ordinary students.

But the biggest problem, ironically, comes from the larger arena that student leaders groom themselves for — national or state politics. With political parties realising the benefits of harvesting voters young, university elections have entered the big league.  Big money, big campaigns, big names and big intimidation. At the end of the day, for the ordinary student, all campus politics means is loss of study time, without any redressal of problems.
We the students of fifties always thought that by the time we grow, we would get to see a casteless society. Alas, it is not to be. Today even in campuses, caste, religion, sect and money has a role to play for you being considered as a respectable one or not for that matter. And any of the above falling short can be a reason for discrimination from the community and you can feel isolated for all long.

Student politics will go to these levels as what we see day in and day out was never even dreamt. Today students are in one way or other related to even NGOs outside the country is proven from their actions. The people at large are not just fools to believe that those students in these institutions just cant be preaching secessionism and chanting other dirty and heinous slogans of their own. The so-called frontline political outfits are bankrupt of issues in national politics and they are nearly at the verge of being extinct. What we see in the television sets are culmination of these political outfits + some NGOs of their choice influencing the young minds with money, drugs and every other perceivable evils.
Campuses may be excellent breeding grounds for tomorrow’s politicians, but for tomorrow’s population/voters, campus politics provides nothing more than a trailer of the disillusionment.

There should be a call for banning of campus politics in absolute terms. If section of the people and their coerced youngsters think what we saw during the past few days/months is their fundamental rights; the ruler should protect the fundamental rights of the remaining 99.99% people. These beggars should know that “if their exercising fundamental rights can cause this much probs., what could be magnitude of the problems if the majority too start exercising their fundamental rights”?

I think it is high time government should start acting such as –

The government should immediately withdraw all subsidies to these institutions and other institutions too in the country. Let the deserving candidates come with their own sponsors under CSR budgets. This way taxpayers money will be better used. Taxpayer should take a firm decision as to what their govt. is authorised to spend with their money. Or they should revolt.

Government should have its own scanning system to create a dossier of each and every candidate aspiring to get into these premiere institutions.

Rewrite every rule in clear simple sentences. For god sake no more rulebook with compound sentences looking like paragraphs and pages, which even god, fail to interpret in absolute terms. You put simple sentences in absolute terms, these black gowned rascal breed advocates won’t be sought after by common man. They will argue their own cases, and the judges can hear the legal stand from the ordinary literate man.

NONSENSE: If a 16 year old is considered good to drive motor vehicle and if an eighteen year old is considered wise enough to pick a candidate from a mob to be rulers of 125 crore people then there is NO REASON to treat him/her differently for any crimes he/she do either.

This also brings to the fore the need for re-writing the juvenile rules. If a person of any age is capable of doing a particular crime, the punishment too should be as the law prescribes. Law cannot be or rather should not be interpreted looking at religion, caste, creed, gender or age of the perpetuator.

Politician’s job is to administer the country/province/district with assistance from learned professionals within the prescribed law and constitution. Not to take sides (in the name compassion) on one or other flimsy pretext. Law means “Law of the land”; it should not be Law of Individuals/sects.

Madhu K. Nair [27th Feb. 2017]

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