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Started from a tiny village in Kerala some 44 odd years back and lead the life of a nomadic most of the years moving from one station to another. A vintage engineer stretched his experience from small Indian Companies to reputed corporates and MNCs from a Jr Engr to Director or CEO etc., handling men and machinery most of the time. This helped me meet, interact learn and analyse people of different terrains, language, practices etc.., Covered almost 80% of my country and got to add a couple of continents more beyond the boundaries. And finally withdrew into a city that is famous for Oranges & Heat and nesting one of the biggest Nationalistic organisation of the world to recount the days passed by and to see the present and future through my own prism.

Someone close one day baptised me  into a Rotarian and then on that too has become a passion till my audacity caught up with the wrongs. The drive to excel continued and keeps thinking a lot on what to do, when to do, how to do and then where to draw the line.

Carry a critical view of everything that surrounds me. Do you need more to know…If you want then wait for my chat may be in another fortnight….

I still remain the one from the old school and to that extent I don’t foresee any change in the left over years too …..

May not be a very acceptable recipe; but quite a few there who love this recipe too……..!!!

Madhu K. Nair   alias     Madhu



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