A Very Conscious Rethink:

Its but natural that one’s sense of own-self keep evolving throughout. However, it is during the adolescence that the foundation for who you are and who you are likely to be is laid. It is very common one see teenagers shrugging away when elders try give them piece of advice. Some of these advices will stick to these tender minds too long enough, however hard they may like to dump it. So keep trying and sharing few of your  experiences to those youngsters coming across instead of avoiding thinking that they will shrug and walk away.

At the very outset we have to prevail upon them and convince them that their views on almost everything now will change over a period of time. Reasoning that the views of an adolescent mind will take significant changes while stepping into adulthood.  Also, they should be taught or explained to embrace this process rather than fight against it. People change – you too will change – and it is only natural that your take on certain things will change with it. If you try to hold on to your previously expressed opinions, you will only push the conflict inwards which serves no purpose at all. Its, of course my own experience.

Always held Trust in my Guts:

All living beings are blessed with an innate sense of what is and isn’t right for us in any given situation. One should follow this intuitive gut feeling as much as you can because it will generally help you do right. It is not only my opinion, it is my experience that nine out of ten times you will do right.

Was Biased

Many times it is good to stay open minded to views and opinions of others.  As you grow older, you begin to form your own world view and you might have very strong opinions on certain subjects in particular. These opinions can, sometimes, go out of control and get into serious argument when encountered with those who hold different opinions. Instead, we would urge you to listen to what other people are saying and please be aware that their views are not necessarily a personal attack. It isn’t always a wrong and a right, there always can have more than one right/wrong. To insist that there is only one right /wrong may lead to some conflict down the road.

There may come a time when the feelings and thoughts associated with being a youngster (applies to all ages) get too much, and it is then a  must to seek help from someone whom you rely on.

Also, help can come in many  ways/means – from a heart-to-heart talk with a friend or family member. The old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved is not far from the truth and relying on the help of others is not a sign of weakness, it is actually a sign of strength. Again I speak this too from my own experiences of carrying wrong definitions.

Madhu K. Nair

Inflight…many days (14/4/18)

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