A Sense of Giving

Of late, giving has become a big business for many – be it corporates or individuals; but the whole concept of giving has fallen into different nomenclatures. If some give away for the sheer pleasure of giving, some give it for name and fame; others give for deriving commercial benefits in a different way. Once we back away from the commercial aspect, what comes to mind? Could it be that people are spending a fortune on gifting which also is giving ‘for some’ and still missing the purpose?
Some wise man once said; “He is more happy while giving than while receiving.” I am left wondering what kind of giving should be termed as the most valuable. What kind of giving can really produce that deep sense of fulfillment that eclipses even the receiving?
Each of us should be coming across with people who while giving will invariably ask, “Does it give tax benefits”? While some look for tax benefits, there are others who will say “hamara kya fayada”? and a few “where I will be seated in the function or how prominently my name will appear in the media”? To me all these question means, decide the benefit it brings which will decide how much to give.
The kind of giving that provides real value need not be put “on sale” at the end of the year while computations are on. In fact, these giving need not be “gift-wrapped” because the fundamental concept of giving should not – in a way – be commercialized.
Consider a few avenues that can bring a real sense of joy out of giving rather than wrapping on the sleeve that “I gave”. It is not the size of giving that matters; it should wear the label of sincerity, respect for the cause, the openness with which it is given, concern for the cause that made our mind into giving, the enthusiasm we display while giving, the kind of assistance the giving will give the recipient AND the time at which the needy received the giving.
What do all these different ways to give have in common? They all come from the heart. This is the true essence of giving. When you give from your heart, you put yourself in line to experience a deeply rewarding truth. There really is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.
Madhu K. Nair [17th February 2013]

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